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Post by Eorl @ 10:47am 15/11/12 | 14 Comments
With the Wii U launch only a few days away for Americans, and two more weeks away for Australians, Nintendo has released a new video detailing just what to expect from the console in terms of network features.

Nintendo's Bill Trinen features in the video, with clips from the Japanese video hosted by company president Satoru Iwata, and sees the video explaining the new Nintendo Network, Miiverse and the Internet Browser found on the console. Revealing that the system will have up to 12 user accounts available on a single system, each one using their own "Mii" character as their login, the user account system will also carry unique user data that includes game settings, game saves, bookmarks and play history.

The video also touches on that those looking to go online will require a Nintendo Network ID, which will be used for registering friends (previously the use of friend codes was required) as well as shopping on the Nintendo eShop. Another feature discussed in the video is that purchasing content under one user account in the eShop will be managed by the user, however any of the 12 user accounts on the console can access purchased items.

Check it out below for the full run down of what to expect from Nintendo's newest console.

The Nintendo Wii U will be available in Australia on November 30th.

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Posted 01:26pm 15/11/12
so will this have multiplayer or is that a bit advanced for these nintendo types ?

edit: sorry i meant network multiplayer over the internet

last edited by paveway at 13:26:04 15/Nov/12
Posted 02:42pm 15/11/12
Multiplayer will be available, as will achievements however they are based on the product, and not console-wide. There are a few launch titles like New Super Mario Bros. U that will have five player multiplayer with four on controllers and one on the tablet.

Edit - It will have network multiplayer capacity, just depends if the developers want to use it or not I believe.
Posted 01:48pm 15/11/12
I was really impressed by that video and I'm actually interested in the thing now. It has the best social features of any console to date.
Posted 02:03pm 15/11/12
The dude they showed playing is so ronery though.
Posted 02:28pm 15/11/12
wow agree with dais, does look pretty cool, i just love the wii when had ppl over and drinks etc...
Posted 02:42pm 15/11/12
wonder what the battery life on the game screen is?
Posted 02:46pm 15/11/12
Heh, you can reply to people's discussion threads with sketches? Its all just going to be c*** and balls everywhere.

At least it looks like they got rid of those godawful friend codes and adopted a more sensible system.
Posted 02:53pm 15/11/12
Hrmm, just finished the video, why is the dude staring at an orange in his hand at the end, is that some weird japanese in-joke?
Posted 02:57pm 15/11/12
Nintendo's president Satoru Iwata held up some bananas in their E3 2012 announcement.

Posted 09:08pm 15/11/12
The Iwata unboxing of the Wii U last week was comedy gold too.

Take that IGN and youtuber's who thought they were going to be the first to do unboxing's.
Posted 09:26pm 15/11/12
So the answer is yes, its some weird japanese in-joke.
Posted 09:51pm 15/11/12
Looks like they've definitely learned from their prior f***-ups in the online space.

I'm pretty sure I read a while ago that they'd be adding the Nintendo Network accounts to the 3DS in a software update. Has anything else been said about that?
Posted 12:42am 16/11/12
LOL that unboxing "ceremony" was great.
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