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Post by Dan @ 07:42am 15/11/12 | 22 Comments
As promised, Rockstar has released their second trailer for the hugely anticipated Grand Theft Auto V, giving us the first look at the game's main characters --who will all be playable together throughout the game's campaign with a new mechanism that allows switching between them on-the-fly.
Developed by series creator Rockstar North, Grand Theft Auto V is the largest and most ambitious title in the series to date. Set in the sprawling city of Los Santos and the surrounding area, Grand Theft Auto V delivers a world of unprecedented scale and detail bursting with life, from mountaintops to the depths of the ocean.
Watch the trailer below, or here on our HD video page.

Grand Theft Auto V is due in Autumn 2013 (Northern Spring) on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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Latest Comments
Reverend Evil
Posted 08:22am 15/11/12
Damn that looks lush. Between this and Crysis it might be time for a computer upgrade.
Posted 08:23am 15/11/12
that colour palette.
Posted 08:35am 15/11/12
Might want to wait and see if it is coming to PC Rev. Does look good though.
Posted 08:48am 15/11/12
story and characters look way more interesting than the boring bunch of eastern european deads**** from the last one
Posted 09:44am 15/11/12
I still love San Andreas the most out of the GTA series just because it was so out of there that they could have such interesting characters. Also the radio stations is what truly makes a Grand Theft Auto game; if you don't have good music while cruising down the highway then it isn't worth it.
The GuVna
Posted 09:38am 15/11/12
I hope those car chase moments & train crash wasn't just for cutscenes, as that looks awesome.

Also, dogs!?!? :D
Posted 10:33am 15/11/12
Action looks cool, but oh god the animations are looking dated. In the age of performance capture, those cutscene animations just look stiff and awkward, looks like something from five years ago. I think their tech needs an update.
Posted 10:40am 15/11/12
i agree with khel about the animations. also there's so many jaggies. it would look so much better on PC.
Posted 10:49am 15/11/12
Also agreed on the animations, particularly the lip-sync. What ever happened to the impressive facial tech used in LA Noire? Did that just get scrapped when Team Bondi folded or something?
Posted 10:59am 15/11/12
i don't think rockstar owned team bondi, they just published the game.
Posted 11:57am 15/11/12
It's not so much the animations that are the issue, it's more that they're going for realistic looking characters with crappy deformation. Their clothes are just tubes that follow their arms, stuff like that.

Also agreed on the animations, particularly the lip-sync. What ever happened to the impressive facial tech used in LA Noire? Did that just get scrapped when Team Bondi folded or something?

Pretty sure KMM own that tech now. It's got its own set of challenges with implementation though, it's not a silver-bullet.
Posted 03:08pm 15/11/12
Game looks... amazing.
Posted 04:29pm 15/11/12
Pretty sure KMM own that tech now.
I guess so. I would have thought with the amount of financial support and Risk Rockstar took on when publishing LA Noire, that it would have netted them all of the franchise and tech rights.

I suppose even if they do have it though, perhaps it's just practical to get it working with their own engine and a game with GTA V's scope.

It's just surprising that not much else still comes close to capturing that level of facial animation since.
Posted 04:32pm 15/11/12
Looks pretty sweet, hard to believe it will even work on a current gen console. Then again if they were not making it for consoles too, it would probably look and feel far better then it is in its current state.
Posted 04:57pm 15/11/12
Yeah, not really sure that excuse has much mileage left in it, since theres games coming out on consoles right now (or even over the last 18 months) that look better than that. Graphically anyway.

I just think its more the case that its not worth the money or the time to overhaul their tech when theres a new generation of hardware not too far away, which they'll probably do a whole new engine for, or at least a major update.
Posted 05:56pm 15/11/12
I'm presuming its more to do with the hardware and technology that they invested in on GTA IV being the first "current-gen" title that they feel it isn't worth starting a fresh yet. Also the graphical look might just be aesthetic pleasing, or could even be that its been in development for so long that Rockstar just stuck with what they begun with.

I definitely like the more colourful palette, much more joyful compared to GTA IV's very drab pseudo New York City look. Hopefully it has a mix of the comedic side that San Andreas featured, but at the same time a gritty tale of three protagonists.
Posted 06:00pm 15/11/12
from kotaku

According to Houser, Rockstar dealt with the difficulty of new hardware (and making the leap to HD) with Grand Theft Auto IV. Since the studio already has a good grasp on current hardware, it decided to go with this generation instead.

Houser added that he thought that this generation of hardware still had untapped potential and pointed out that so many of the best games come out at the end of a console generation’s life cycle. That’s certainly an excellent point.
Posted 06:05pm 15/11/12
that looks so awesome
Posted 10:43pm 15/11/12
It does indeed look awesome and bringing a lot of the fun of San Andreas back. My biggest hope for this game (aside from a PC version) is that there will be better missions to do after you've finished the storyline. In the older games it was always just a few mini games and maybe some procedurally generated races or gang wars or something.

I'd really love to be able to do that whole recruiting, planning, executing and escaping heists thing that they've been trumpeting so much well after I've finished all the story-based missions.
Posted 09:45pm 15/11/12
thank f*** they are reverting to the humour GTA is famous for.
pretty much wanted to kill myself after the downer that was playing as niko bellic, that sadsack c***.
Posted 10:07pm 15/11/12
here's an album comparing GTA 4 vs GTA 5

Posted 10:18pm 15/11/12
Hi5 reload f*** he was boring, they all were
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