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Post by Eorl @ 12:52pm 13/11/12 | 21 Comments
For those eagerly awaiting Square Enix's Tomb Raider, Steam has no opened up pre-orders for PC, which feature the new pre-purchase reward system that a few previous titles have used. The premise is basically the more people that pre-order the title, the more rewards are unlocked for players who have pre-ordered.

Currently the PC version of Tomb Raider is offering a standard edition for $44.99 (-10% pre-order discount) which includes the game and any of the tiered prizes, and a Survival Edition which includes some digital swag.
Survival Edition includes:
  • Digital 32-page mini art book compiled by TOMB RAIDER’S Art Director Brian Horton
  • Digital copy of Tomb Raider’s atmospheric soundtrack
  • Digital double-sided map of the Tomb Raider’s mysterious island setting
  • DLC Pack
  • Currently the tiered prizes are a copy of Lara Croft and the Guardian of the Light for tier 1, The Challenge Tomb DLC for tier 2 and The Endurance DLC Pack for tier 3. At the time of writing this article, the progress was at 9% of the first tier.

    Square Enix has also announced collector's edition retail packs for the US and EU, however no Australian edition has been revealed yet.

    Tomb Raider will be available on March 5th 2013 for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

    steampcpre-ordersquare enix
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    Latest Comments
    Posted 04:34pm 13/11/12
    The reboot looks good, these tiered pre-order systems are s***.
    Posted 07:56pm 13/11/12
    Ya i agree. I love Tomb Raider but this kinda puts me off.
    Nerf Lord
    Posted 08:08pm 13/11/12
    It doesn't have an Australian markup, and looks kind of awesome, and possibly comes with guardian of light if enough people pre order. Seems pretty sweet, except for that I don't know if I like Tomb Raider, and am not spending any more money on games for now.
    Posted 12:24am 27/2/13
    Loved legends and previous, hate preordering. Will wait for reviews (aside from the AG one which seemed a bit iffy..)
    Posted 09:22am 27/2/13
    there's already plenty of reviews on the net phooks.
    Posted 08:13pm 27/2/13
    Not sure where those prices came from, or if they've changed since the OP, but on steam it now says $62.99 USD for the standard edition - survival is $71.99. It also looks like all 3 rewards have already been unlocked for those interested.
    Posted 02:01am 28/2/13
    It was cheaper, earlier (discounts applied). I would imagine that those discounts no longer apply now that all three rewards are unlocked, and the game is less than a week away from release..
    Posted 09:52am 28/2/13
    i think you can still get it from GMG for $40. you miss out on those steam bonuses though.
    Posted 07:57am 02/3/13
    Steam Preload is now available and weighs in at around 10GB..
    Posted 09:46am 02/3/13
    And once again the street date has been broken yesterday afternoon and the game is available to be picked up if you have pre-ordered and available to buy.

    Both Playstation and Xbox users have been playing this since yesterday, of course that means nothing for us PC players as the game is still very much locked up and unavailable to us until Steam unlocks the game on Tuesday March 5th.

    If the street date is broken and the publisher gives the ok to sell the game...shouldn't it be unlocked for everyone...I believe from the official Tomb Raider forums that the street date was actually broken in Europe then here in Australia.
    Posted 09:57am 02/3/13
    There's quite a few launch events being held around the world. I don't imagine the game being released early in any official capacity, somehow.

    It'd be great if it did, but looks unlikely...
    Posted 01:04pm 02/3/13
    Well I dunno what is considered 'official' capacity, but its definitely being sold in stores everywhere here as of last night.

    $69 for the XBox version from JB Hifi, I'd imagine PC is probably cheaper.
    Posted 01:20pm 02/3/13
    I preordered it a while ago from GMG for $33. Don't normally preorder games but I figured it'd be awhile before I saw it at that price on sale.
    Posted 01:46pm 02/3/13
    sucks that there's no pc reviews yet. apparently they're not sending out pc review copies until early next week.
    Posted 04:31pm 02/3/13
    It's in store now at EB's
    Posted 04:45pm 02/3/13
    well just bought it off GMG since today is the last day to get it for $36. you can also start preloading the game.

    edit: it's 8.8G GB
    Posted 05:47pm 02/3/13
    I am doing that as I type this, Ravn0s. Cheap gaming FTW.
    Posted 08:54pm 02/3/13
    pre ordering games is DUMB.
    Posted 05:30pm 03/3/13
    those who bought from shops, is it any good?
    Posted 05:53pm 03/3/13
    Yeah, its excellant, I'm loving it so far. Walks a good line between a bit of open world exploration type stuff, and more linear narrative based stuff. And the way it dishes out new bits of gear to you and the cool ways you get to use them, makes it pretty fun.
    Posted 06:03pm 03/3/13
    Awesome. Can't wait for Tuesday!
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