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Post by Dan @ 04:38pm 12/11/12 | 8 Comments
With total crowd-sourced funding now almost at US$3Million, Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts continue to provide more details on the ambitious Star Citizen sci-fi MMO project, and has revealed more of the project's stretch goals that will be added at various funding milestones.

US$3.25 Million introduced a new Starfarer Tanker ship to the fray, and every additional $100,000 up to $4M promises another star system in the game's Universe. At $3.5 Million players can except cockpit decorations, which will supposedly include bobble heads, dinosaurs and hula girls. That said, the game has to actually get made for any of this to materialise.

The developer has continued to share more of the game's intended mechanics with fans however, with the most recent Kickstarter update going into detail on how the mutliplayer and singleplayer hope to be presented, and how instancing will work. More details can be found on the official website.

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Posted 05:25pm 12/11/12
Posted 09:49pm 12/11/12
im already all over it
Posted 08:05pm 16/11/12
If anyone is sitting on the fence with Star Citizen or was behind it but put off by the initially s*****, non-Kickstarter funding site I'd urge you to look again.

The main funding site is here, but if you'd prefer to use a tried and true method then the Kickstarter page is here.

The crowdfunding campaign is now in it's last three days. As I write the total is at $3.78m of the original $2m goal. There's been loads of stretch goals met along the way, some of them better than others. The last big milestone is $4m, which I personally didn't think would ever be reached but now looks like a real possibility.

If you like space sims then this seems to me to be the first really top shelf offering there's been in ages (I don't count X3; that's just Eve Online in single player mode).
Posted 08:20pm 16/11/12
I got the Digital Scout, Now I just have to wait until 2014 to play it.
Posted 10:01pm 16/11/12
Yeah, think I might just wait till it comes out and buy a copy then
Posted 11:10pm 16/11/12
I was going to wait, but I figured $37 isn't much, and by the time it comes out, that $37 will be long forgotten, and it'll feel like I'm getting a free game!
Posted 02:06am 17/11/12
players can except c***pit decorations

You have the c and the p around the wrong way! Expect*
Posted 11:17am 17/11/12
At $3.5 Million players can except c***pit decorations, which will supposedly include bobble heads, dinosaurs and hula girls.
Uh...let me just get out my life savings and throw it towards such a valuable game goal.
I don't count X3; that's just Eve Online in single player mode
Well not really, they're basically nothing alike other than you're in space. 1 is a twitch game the other is a point and click. It's like comparing Diablo and Elder Scrolls because they both have demons in them. I do't get it...Pledge $30 or more, sold out. It's like they don't want people's money. How can you sell out of a digital copy of something. Would think they would leave it open for unlimited purchases to raise as much $'s as possible.
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