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EA has announced that in an upcoming update, the Origin service that many have come to love or hate is teaming up with the streaming service Twitch to integrate live streaming into the client. The new feature will see players being able to conduct live streaming straight from the in-game client, something competitive store Steam has yet to do.
We’re proud to announce that Origin is partnering with Twitch, and today we’re launching phase one of this integration. With a few clicks of your mouse, you can now broadcast your gaming session live, directly to your Twitch channel, for gamers around the world to view. With the combined power of Origin and Twitch, it’s never been easier to take your own gameplay online, in real-time.
The new system is easily managed through the Origin In Game service, which will give you the chance to view how many people are watching your stream, advanced streaming options and more.

EA has also announced more non-Origin game support, giving players the chance to add their non-Origin games to their library, a similar feature seen in the popular Steam service. Users will also find that the streaming options will also be valid for these non-Origin games, another plus on the ever growing digital store.

You can check out the full run down over at their official website, including details on additional upgrades ranging from stretching your friends list horizontally to overall client performance. No specific date has been given as to when the update will be available, though EA has said those who have opted into the beta updates will be able to test it first, with eventual release later on to the public.

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