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Post by Eorl @ 09:54am 09/11/12 | 8 Comments
Zenimax Online has today released a brand new video depicting the interesting world of The Elder Scrolls Online, an ambitious MMO project that sees many areas of the Elder Scrolls lore pieced together. Taking place over 1000 years before the latest title Skyrim, Elder Scrolls Online will see thousands of players battling it through various landscapes all taken from the very rich history of The Elder Scrolls.

The video runs at just over nine and a half minutes, compiling the first real gameplay footage we've seen since the announcement of the MMO earlier this year. Featuring a look at combat, landscapes, swimming, server architecture, classes, customisation and more, its definitely jam packed with all the info you'll need to know.

With the ability to choose a class and then define that class by its choice in armour and weapons definitely shows the customisation levels that we have come to expect from an Elder Scrolls title. With similar features to Guild Wars 2 where classes aren't specifically tied into your combat role, the video mentions thieves sneaking about healing to magic wielders using two handed weapons shows the a taste of the freedom that one can expect.

The video also highlights the new server architecture that The Elder Scrolls Online will be using, which seems to consist of one "mega server" that everyone will play on, and the system will automatically place you with friends and guildmates. A similar feature was seen with the recent Funcom MMO The Secret World, where players were on one giant server.

Other mentions include a perk system that lets you turn into a werewolf among others, the new questing system which bears similarity to Guild Wars 2 with a more explorative style compared to previous quest style MMO's, Player versus Player which includes keep sieging and more. Check out the video below for a great overview of the first gameplay footage, and expect more as we get closer to its eventual release date.

the elder scrolls onlinezenimax onlinegameplay footage
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Latest Comments
Posted 10:22am 09/11/12
It looks fkn amazing. Of course, I said that about GW2 and it's pretty ordinary in my opinion. Pretty much over it.

But if Zenimax can deliver everything they are saying and release the game with end game content that will last more than a week then I think they'll have an awesome game on their hands. I've always liked the story/lore in the TES games too. Great world.
Posted 10:53am 09/11/12
It will be good until you take an arrow in the knee.
Posted 10:57am 09/11/12
Or until somebody steals your sweetroll
Posted 12:03pm 09/11/12
sure looks pretty. i like some of their ideas. it will be interesting to see if they can pull off the mega server.
Nerf Lord
Posted 12:07pm 09/11/12
There's so many free mmos these days, that while it looks interesting, if it's not free to play than will probably get a meh from me.
Posted 12:39pm 09/11/12
really looking forward to some video dedicated to the combat system.. they mentioned that you'll be able to play first person too... that would be awesome to see. Gameplay still looks a big rigid at this point but hopefully that's just because its pre-alpha-ish?
Posted 12:52pm 09/11/12
Sile, you would have realized it pretty early on and just avoided it like I did if you'd stayed away from the hype train.

This one looks interesting though. The major downside is that with the turn towards more action mmo's, Australia gets left out to dry.

Though fair enough, since we have f*** all people playing *shrug*
Posted 11:18am 10/11/12
wow that looks sick. I had my doubts but im pretty excited for this
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