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Post by Eorl @ 01:40pm 08/11/12 | 10 Comments
Courtesy of the folks at Meteor Entertainment and Adhesive Games, AusGamers has a stack of closed beta keys for their upcoming multiplayer mech combat game Hawken.
A free-to-play, online, multiplayer, mech-based first-person shooter, Hawken puts players in the pilot seat of a giant robotic war machine to rain fire upon their enemies across alien-like landscapes.

There are two kinds of mech pilots -- the quick and the dead. Combat in HAWKEN moves fast, no matter which mech you choose. Sharp instincts and a hair trigger will see you striding over the smoking wreckage of your enemies.Thrusters give your mech limited flight, adding another dimension to your battles, and in-depth customization of loadouts gives you the flexibility to fight your way.
To grab yourself a closed beta key, simply head over to our giveaway page and you'll see the button to claim a unique key. Follow the instructions on the page to signup for the game and download the official client. The beta is scheduled to commence today, November 8th, but presumably not until US Pacific Time, which will be later on this evening for Australians.

However, beta codes can still currently be redeemed at the official site in preparation, and you should receive notification once testing goes live.

Hawken is due for release on December 12th 2012, and also promises to be one of the first games to support the hopeful Oculus Rift head-mounted display via patching after launch.

For more on the game, swing by our hands-on preview from earlier this year.

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Latest Comments
Posted 01:54pm 08/11/12
Grabbed one. These beta key giveaways are f*****g awesome. Thanks.
Posted 02:11pm 08/11/12
Have been playing this since the alpha. Non-local servers lead to a frustrating playing experience. You will find your mech constantly gets snagged on terrain/building walls, and you have to aim slightly ahead with weapons. Some slightly better networking code could help with some of these issues, will be interested to see if closed beta 2 is any better.
Posted 02:41pm 08/11/12
thanks for the key

the client installer downloads fine but then I'm getting unable to update manifest. from what I'm reading on their forums it won't download until the beta officially starts and the servers come up.. everyone else getting this?
Posted 02:48pm 08/11/12
This is normal. You have to wait till the beta period starts.
The GuVna
Posted 03:47pm 08/11/12
Sweet, Ausgamers delivers once again!
Posted 03:51pm 08/11/12
Yeah, just wanted to say how awesome AG has been lately with access to stuff. Its always been a good site for file hosting, news and forum arguments but there seems to be plenty of alpha/beta access lately, as well as occasional giveaways.

Keep up the good work.
Posted 04:11pm 08/11/12
Thanks guys, appreciate the feedback. We just like giving you guys awesome things!
Posted 06:30pm 08/11/12
since i was involved with this in the alpha and now the beta i have had nothing but drama with this game. It should still really be in alpha stage. Just have a look at the hawken forums most people cant even play it or get into a game.

Im pretty tolerant towards betas and such but this game was just beyond what i can take so i uninstalled and tbh im not really looking forward to the release like i was a few months ago.

Posted 06:55pm 08/11/12
Cheers,AG gets better and better
Posted 09:09pm 08/11/12
The servers will open around 12:00 PM PST on Thursday, November 8. They will be available all weekend and will close Tuesday night, November 13, at 11:59 PM PST.
FYI, that's 7am tomorrow AEDT (6am AEST).
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