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Post by Eorl @ 12:55pm 08/11/12 | 5 Comments
Dean "Rocket" Hall has taken to his DayZ Standalone blog to once again define just what to expect from the zombie apocalypse title, this time discussing the server architecture that the team will hopefully be using.

The latest blog post explains that the new architecture will allow for a more locked down version compared to their currently open-ended DayZ mod system which has led to rampant cheating and hacking. The new system looks to restrict how much a player can interact with the files, making the "server the umpire" and letting it call the shots on what exactly has happened, similar to the behaviour of an MMO with its server system.
This week saw our lead programmer outline a dramatic plan to change the face of DayZ and how it will hit the world at the end of this year. Simply put, the application will move into a traditional client-server relationship which the server makes most of the decisions. This is the common architecture behind virtually every MMO currently out there, and it will be DayZ’s architecture when it releases.
The new architecture planned for DayZ Standalone will also benefit greatly on server performance. Anything that isn't required - like zombie AI having flank manoeuvres or being able to reload - is being ripped out and "replacing it with an optimized solution that has players (the survivors) and AI (the zombies)." Such changes will greatly benefit both player and server administrators, whereas currently running a DayZ mod server is quite taxing.

Dean goes on to say that "achieving this will be tough, as we are already crunching very hard. If this heavy optimization is as successful as it would rationally seem to be on paper, then we will be limited on player numbers not by performance, but map design."

DayZ Standalone has not yet been given a release date.

dayzstandalonezombieserver architecture
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Latest Comments
Posted 05:48pm 08/11/12
Won't the cheaters (and there is tonnes of them in Day Z currently sadly.) Just find new tools ro ways and move over to the newer system, i mean every anti cheat out there is "tamed" within a day fo release or there abouts, allowing the mass of them to just migrate to the newer build.
Posted 06:00pm 08/11/12
This will prevent the worst of the offenses possible in DayZ at the moment - currently one player can teleport other players around the map, etc. That won't be possible with a more authoritative server.

However, this isn't revolutionary and certainly isn't something that has only been in MMO's previously - other FPS games have had more or less authoritative servers. A BF3 hack exploited the dedicated server trusting the BF3 client and was patched quickly. ArmA2 was just incredibly open about what the clients could do, but as an incredibly boring walking simulator, it didn't appeal to the sort of people who'd cheat.
Posted 08:14pm 08/11/12
Yea of course irogue, it's just that it won't be anywhere near as easy to do. Arma II is a very open game that puts a lot of trust in the players, outside of DayZ cheating is near non existent.
Posted 10:56pm 11/11/12
irogue. Atm any retard can run a script. Once it's all server side, monitored by a warden or similar system, all cheaters will becbe caught imo.
Posted 11:15pm 11/11/12
Anti cheat systems are all rubbish, the best way is to have an active admin team. None of this record, email, maybe get a result in a week bulls*** either.
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