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Post by Eorl @ 06:24pm 06/11/12 | 6 Comments
Our resident racing enthusiast Bennett "GunSlingerAUS" Ring is back to test drive the latest title in the long running series of Need for Speed, this time Criterion's Need for Speed: Most Wanted. Utilising his very impressive simulation gear including a full racing cockpit and German Steering wheel, it's safe to say Bennett knows what he is up against.
It’s hard to recommend Most Wanted to those who prefer to race offline, as the sterile event structure isn’t enough to keep players driving after the thrill of exploring the city wears off. It’s a much more enjoyable game online though, provided you don’t mind getting rammed every 30 seconds. The multiplayer racing is fast and filthy, where you’ll be rewarded for crashing into every opponent more so than taking a clean line.
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Latest Comments
Posted 09:36pm 10/11/12
Issues I have with the game:

The crash cam is too tight you can't really see what is going on (and would be good if you could disable it)
There's no in-car view, only front of car and 3rd person
The map is bottom left instead of top left
Posted 11:07pm 10/11/12
yeah the choice of two only camera views is completely f*****g retarded and an enormous oversight for someone like criterion to get so wrong. the bonnet cam is far too low and going over crests is a complete gamble as to what's going to be on the other side. obviously 3rd person cam is completely useless, laggy and unresponsive as with every other racing game known to man. It's really astounding that for a game so relatively polished, they can fall so short in such an obvious and ridiculously long established area. Even f*****g virtua racing had more than two views to choose from...
Posted 11:55pm 10/11/12
I don't think I've ever played another need for speed as much as I did NFS:SE and NFSII:SE. They just keep getting better in some areas, but much worse in all the areas that count.
Posted 12:07am 11/11/12
I'll wait for the next Shift, or Grid 2. What I would love most is a true sequel to Dirt 1.
Posted 10:52am 11/11/12
What I would love most is a true sequel to Dirt 1.
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