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Post by Eorl @ 11:04am 06/11/12 | 14 Comments
With only a week to go until the next big Call of Duty title appears on shelves and in digital hands, Treyarch has used the time to inform PC players of a few features that they can expect, including the Field of View settings for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. A Twitter post by pcdev confirms that the current cap for FOV is at 80, with no plans on allowing it to go higher.
And don't ask me to raise the FOV cap. Max is 80. Thankyouverymuch. <3, -pcdev-
Players disappointed by the low FOV will be happy to know that the game will be featuring a lean function, however Treyarch has also outlined that no command console will be available.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 will be available on November 13th for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

call of duty: black ops 2field of viewleanconsoletreyarchtwitter
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Latest Comments
Posted 12:07pm 06/11/12
FOV 80 is fine imo (after playing pro CoD4, it's fine) and lean is a must. As far as not having dedicated servers... well.... that's just not cool.
Posted 01:20pm 06/11/12
WTF. This is the same s***** deal for PC gamers.

Im no FOV expert but im pretty sure a game i played yesterday had max FOV of 90 while minecraft and BFBC2 i had at 100+.

Rarely use lean. I can see the appeal for camping/sniping so you are less exposed but in the scheme of important things i would have dedicated servers anyday - but they f***ed us on this too. I also dont f*** around with console but IMO that should be standard on any PC game given the large number of people that do s*** in console.

Posted 01:24pm 06/11/12
I wonder if this game will get a 9.5+ score.
Posted 05:40pm 06/11/12
lol^^ yeah what the f*** was up with that?
Posted 06:18pm 06/11/12
Players disappointed by the low FOV will be happy to know that the game will be featuring a lean function

Sorry, but leaning in no way compensates for low FOV. Some of us get very nauseous when the FOV is below 90.

Just sending out a big F*** You to Treyarch for being douche-bags and lazy c**ts.
Posted 06:21pm 06/11/12
Sorry, but leaning in no way compensates for low FOV. Some of us get very nauseous when the FOV is below 90.

Yup, anything less for me usually results in that feeling similar to what you get if you were to wear someone elses glasses or run around with binoculars...
Posted 09:48pm 06/11/12
For me it has to do with the distance I sit from the screen. Console games at 80 FOV on a TV 8 feet away is ok, but an FPS on PC on a monitor 3 feet from my face, anything under 90 is sucks, and my general pref is FOV 100.
Posted 02:21am 07/11/12
fryzeegunner, dafuq you on about?

Last I read, PC had dedicated servers. You have a source or is it just a rumour going around the high-schools?

Also, 80 FoV is generally fine in most games. I've found with a 27 inch 1920x1080 monitor that 90 = fishbowling and it's almost impossible to see 20m away in the middle of the screen.
Posted 03:17am 07/11/12
there are only 'official' dedicated servers.
Posted 05:40am 07/11/12
So there's still dedicated servers then...
Posted 10:45am 07/11/12
You cant rent them or host them though. So that's just s***. Once again 80 is fine, cod4 was wonderful in 80. Would have been good if there was more but hey ill suffice with 80. But having them host the dedi's eliminates all mods and pro comp basically.
Posted 03:36pm 08/11/12
Wasn't Black Ops launched with out mods. With them to added a while after launch. I thought that's what's expected with this one as well.
Posted 07:55pm 13/11/12
So just to confirm, there are dedicated servers IN AUS ?

What's the ping ? And is it worth buying for PC, or just keep playing Bf3, Moh warfighter :D ?

Since they're not having dedicated servers our clan can hire, we're not really jumping in boots and all, which is a shame, cos we had 3+ BO servers up and running, with good populations on them too :(

Posted 08:17pm 13/11/12
but is it horizontal or vertical FOV?
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