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Post by Dan @ 11:00am 06/11/12 | 8 Comments
Following a delay caused by the recent hurricane and storm activity around their New York City office, Rockstar Games has now confirmed a debut date of November 14th 2012 for the promised new trailer for Grand Theft Auto V, accompanying news that pre-orders for the game have now officially kicked off at retailers worldwide.

More new details on the game are expected to surface in Game Informers next issue, and we'll obviously learn more from Rockstar themselves around the trailer launch.

Grand Theft Auto V is due in Autumn 2013 (Northern Spring) on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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Latest Comments
Posted 07:56pm 06/11/12
I'd happily pre-order a PC version.
Posted 10:08pm 06/11/12
Same. It makes me sad that I'll probably cave and buy the PS3 version to play till the PC version (hopefully) comes out.
Posted 12:31am 07/11/12
I'm 'ok' buying this on a console (the franchise has always 'felt better' with a gamepad using the engine's 'auto-aim' mechanics IMO). I'm unfortunately a good portion of the reason it is delayed on PC's too as I'll probably pick it up then also :/

Here's hoping that there's no 'censored version' for AU this time!
Posted 10:46am 07/11/12
yeh i know right. +1 too having to pick this up on console.
Posted 10:56am 07/11/12
I'd happily pre-order a PC version.

^ ^
Posted 12:44pm 07/11/12
Do not want to have to wait till 2014 for the PC, SIGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Let alone Red Dead, I still pray It will come... one day my sweet!
Posted 05:04pm 07/11/12
Will have to buy it for PS3 I guess :(

Skidrow will provide the PC version for me when it eventually come out. I too would pre-order it on PC with out a second though but with no universal release, I will have to say....

Posted 06:59pm 07/11/12
I will buy the PC version only, because GTA is usually worth it. They're expecting piracy though, so the people will give them what they expect (with a delayed release).
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