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Post by Dan @ 10:42am 06/11/12 | 6 Comments
THQ's second quarter earnings report has brought the news that three of their much anticipated upcoming titles have been delayed.

Obsidian's South Park: The Stick of Truth has been pushed back from its previous March 5th 2012 target to THQ's fiscal year 2014 (which commences April 2013), and Relic's Company of Heroes 2, and 4A Games' Metro: Last Light will now be arriving in March 2013 (via Games Industry International):
“When I joined THQ the company made a public commitment to quality titles. We always expected that in some cases this would mean that more time would be needed to make sure that every title is of the highest possible quality,” said Jason Rubin, THQ's President. “Our fourth quarter releases are the first titles that I have had the ability to materially impact, and experience told me that the games needed additional development time to be market-ready."

“I believe South Park's market opportunity is significant," Rubin continued. "It is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated titles of calendar 2013. It is also an expansive title, encompassing multiple television seasons' worth of content. We have been working closely with the co-creators of South Park, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, to make sure all of the game's content performs to the high standards of the TV show, and this takes time. THQ is committed to giving gamers no less than the rich South Park game they have been waiting for and deserve."

“We are also inspired by the potential for Metro: Last Light and Company of Heroes 2. I believe Metro: Last Light is a title that should set standards for visuals with its stunning atmosphere, unique location and cutting-edge style. Company of Heroes was one of the highest rated RTS titles in history, and Relic insists that the sequel live up to its pedigree. Giving both of these titles time to reach their full potential is the right thing to do for the products."
The earnings call also made mention of the Saints Row sequel, Homefront 2, and the "as-yet-unannounced game from Turtle Rock Studios" as among a total of ten titles due in THQ's fiscal 2014, and promised more details about their "future slate in the coming months".

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:07pm 06/11/12
Want Metro now
Posted 04:05pm 06/11/12
They should stop homefront 2 and the SR sequel and concentrate on Metro and CoH.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 04:33pm 06/11/12
That wouldn't help, given they're all different studios handling each
Posted 12:12am 07/11/12
homefront was nothing special. need coh2 now.
Posted 12:32am 07/11/12
Wow, f*** off homefront sequel. I love FPS but even i uninstalled that after 66mins steam says, and much of that was waiting for the NPCs to do s***.
Posted 04:21am 07/11/12
Pleasantly surprised COH2 is due around march after a delay.
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