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Post by Dan @ 05:05pm 05/11/12 | 12 Comments
With a new Call of Duty game almost upon us, there has been a bit of chatter from prominent games industry analysts that the best days for Activision's blockbuster franchise are behind it. So what better time to dig back into the Steam peak players statistics that we’ve been keeping track of for a couple of years and see if the figures support the notion?

Keep in mind that, Call of Duty's bread and butter is the home console platforms, and Steam only manages the much smaller PC versions of the last few offerings, but we think it's worth a look nonetheless.

Have we passed peak Call of Duty? Read on for our analysis, take a look at some pretty graphs, and share your own thoughts.

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Posted 05:14pm 05/11/12
minecraft overtook COD as the most played game on xbox live.
Posted 05:33pm 05/11/12
minecraft overtook COD as the most played game on xbox live.

That makes me smile.

Nice graphs.
Posted 06:22pm 05/11/12
not a great post Dan.. keep doing the numbers man..


make your own numbers that matter to us..

You've been around long enough now..

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Nerf Lord
Posted 06:19pm 05/11/12
I love seeing player graphs and guestimates about what influences them, though don't even know what call of duty is somehow.
Posted 06:20pm 05/11/12
Blops was better than MW2 and MW3.

I tried to like MW3 MP but I couldn't get into it.

I am however looking forward to Blops 2. Especially after MOH:W was disappointing.
Posted 07:17pm 05/11/12
I want to see a cross-platform game that is 'community friendly' like with what had at the start with Quake on *nix.

no offence to you media commentators.. you're doing some good work, and you're pushing the envelope

that said - today's 'community' is reducing down to a fraction on what is once was.

I do wonder - is this because my efforts ( and people like me ) helped you too much or not enough?

Posted 07:19pm 05/11/12
^ what
Posted 11:10pm 05/11/12
COD = yawn
Posted 12:16am 06/11/12
Haha koopz's posts remind me of that drug trip in that movie I saw when I was on that drug trip.
Posted 01:05am 06/11/12
I want to see a cross-platform game that is 'community friendly' like with what had at the start with Quake on *nix.
Do you want to qualify that post koopz? I mean, to be honest, LoL is pretty giant. Online gaming is much bigger now.

But if you quatify it as quality, then i think you'd still be wrong. Just that not as many kids were quoting 4chan instead of coming up with their own unique anger releasing phrases.

God knows how many times i called Flagger a f*****g railwhore f*****.
Nerf Lord
Posted 01:29am 06/11/12
On a related note, I was just looking at player counts for other games, and came across this recent data for LoL -


That being said, most played game in the world is a stretch, considering that Farmville was pushing something like 120 million active monthly users at some point.
Posted 01:55pm 06/11/12
Your graph needs a basis of comparison. Maybe an index of all steam PC playtime or a comparison.

Also, Steam users aren't necessarily representative of all PC gamers.

All said I think your hypothesis is correct that the series peaked in 2011.

Google search popularity (world-wide)

Google search popularity (Australia)

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