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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 05:14pm 02/11/12 | 5 Comments
As Nintendo's Wii U closes in on the Holiday release period, all eyes are on what the innovative gaming giant is offering this time around. And while Wii certainly had a strong market penetration in its lifespan, its arguable most core gamers have just let theirs collect dust in the last few years.

It's something I, as a once Nintendo fanboy, have been thinking about since the new console was unveiled last year and I've come up with a list of things I think they need to do to ensure not only a lengthy stay in the next generation, but to also bring people like me back on board, because I'm definitely trepidatious about it, but the potential for a throwback to the yesteryear of Nintendo franchise and innovation dominance is there.

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Latest Comments
Posted 05:32pm 02/11/12
I want to believe
Posted 06:59pm 02/11/12
Great piece. Felt like I was reading a new edition of Nintendo Gamer! Have to agree with everything you said; your 'blinders' philosophy couldn't be more true. The age old conundrum of why must a technological sacrifice be made in order to innovate resonates when you consider the recent history of Nintendo, who seemingly want you to believe they remain at the forefront when in fact they were passed a long time ago and are now playing catch up in many areas. But like you and many others from the snesn/ '64/cube days deep inside we all want Nintendo to just push aside this mentality and start cranking out some great core games.
Posted 07:16pm 02/11/12
The big problem for me though, is the Wii U doesn't feel like a platform for innotative Nintendo titles, or an opportunity for great core games, it feels like a grab for third party publisher dollars. There seems to be very little innovation in the launch lineup, just third party ports of games from other platforms with some tacked on gimmickry, not even any great first party titles to show people what the tech is really capable of outside of that weird Nintendoland minigame collection which appeals to the old Wii demographic and not this "core gamer" demographic they so want to capture.
Posted 08:50pm 02/11/12
I totally agree with you on all of that Steve. I was a massive Nintendo kid, and had several years of subscription to N64 and Nintendo Gamer too (during the years the writers had obsessions with Natalie Portman) and have totally fallen off gaming altogether now.

I have all 3 consoles, and play some Steam games, but I'm nowhere near as much of a gamer as I used to be and I feel a lot of people are the same. I guess I can attribute it to not having the time anymore due to work and other hobbies, but I don't really feel desire to play games as much. Even though there are a lot of great titles out there, it seems without Nintendo keeping up with tech some of the magic has been lost. Sure the games are great, but you do feel disconnected in a way as opposed to how social all other facets of technology are these days. I guess Wii U is their chance to prove how they can compete in this space, but I wouldn't hold my breath, Nintendo is, and always has done it's own thing with blinkers on.
Posted 11:56pm 02/11/12
Well my gut feeling is maybe 18 months then it will end up like the wii... I hope not, I hope all three consoles can find the same amount of gaming time each. I mainly will play Xbox then PS3 (Exclusives) and I'm guessing Wii U might just be exclusives... But I do like what I see with Aliens on Wii U over the other two consoles... Time will tell its only a few months away before we find out if the Wii U can keep us interested
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