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Post by trog @ 11:19am 01/11/12 | 58 Comments
We've been watching with some interest the progress of Crysis 3 - in particular the multiplayer aspect, as the developers have been talking a lot about how they're keen to make up for some of the online shortfalls of Crysis 2 and have addressed several of the key issues that affected the uptake of the game.

So we're especially excited to be able to offer some keys to the multiplayer alpha, giving PC gamers the first chance to get a taste of the latest instance in this series - known to push the boundaries of graphics on the PC.

There are local servers up and running for this - one of the few games that is making dedicated servers available at launch, because EA really see the benefits of this programme in titles like Battlefield 3 - so it is great news for Australians who can play with confidence knowing they're going to be able to get on local servers.

The alpha trial kicks off on the 2nd of November, but you can pre-load the client now from Origin with one of these these tasty keys that we have courtesy of EA and Crytek! As usual, our regular users will get first dibs, so head over to our key page and get in quick.

crysis 3crysis
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Latest Comments
Posted 11:27am 01/11/12
Good work team!

I am very s*** at fps but will report back how bad I get destroyed
Posted 12:39pm 01/11/12
Awesome guys. Snapped one up and like Hoggy, will report back on how useless I am.
Posted 12:39pm 01/11/12
Thank you!
Posted 01:16pm 01/11/12
Ahahahaha. FPS. F*** yeah f*****s. Watch out for DeadlyDav0. Hopefully pwn u mofos early this evening assuming origin works right.
Posted 01:40pm 01/11/12
Pre-loaded and ready for unlock. Ph34r.
Posted 01:54pm 01/11/12

all gone:(
Posted 01:55pm 01/11/12
Yeah I'm pre-loaded and ready to go! bring it b****** add me on orgin: Bushy_Squirrel
Posted 01:59pm 01/11/12
DLing now. 2.5gb, easy. Cant wait.

Opens Nov 2nd though. :(
Posted 01:59pm 01/11/12
yeah it downloaded pretty fast for me finish in around 30mins
Posted 02:02pm 01/11/12
is that tomorrow for us or do we have to wait till Saturday?
Posted 03:52pm 01/11/12
CubanPete, should be able to grab a key now, issue has been fixed.
Posted 03:53pm 01/11/12
8am Friday 2 November UTC = 6pm Friday 2 November AEST. 7pm for you Mexicans with Daylight Savings.

Generally Origin is pretty good at telling you when something unlocks local time if you check the details page for the game.
Posted 04:19pm 01/11/12
Cheers Eorl, you guys rock!
Posted 04:28pm 01/11/12
Awesome, didn't expect this to show up so soon.

I don't suppose I need to worry about how it'll perform, but it DOES mean that I'll have to update origin and remember my login...
Posted 05:41pm 01/11/12
Thanx can't wait to destroy my vid card :)
Posted 05:53pm 01/11/12
Grabbed one, thanks!
Posted 07:00pm 01/11/12
Be interesting to see how my 570 copes with it. I get my fastest download with origin for some reason. 1.5 - 2.2mb.
Posted 07:14pm 01/11/12
Sweet, Thank you
Posted 07:42pm 01/11/12
Thank you,guys
Posted 09:10pm 01/11/12
Thanks again AG :)
Posted 09:49pm 01/11/12
oh yeah I have no idea what my origin name is, try norah tihtzoff, if not then I'll have to check tomorrow
Posted 09:59pm 01/11/12
Thanks, downloading now.
Posted 01:20am 02/11/12
How long is the Alpha running for?
Posted 10:50am 02/11/12
How long is the Alpha running for?
I think they have said a week or so, but it wouldn't surprise me if it went a bit longer than that. I guess it depends how buggy it is right off the bat :)
Posted 06:49pm 02/11/12
so this starts tonight?
Posted 06:52pm 02/11/12
Yeap, on the Origin page its saying availability will be November 2nd, 18:00 though I'm not sure if that is daylight savings or not.
Posted 07:20pm 02/11/12
Well it's live but need a DX11 card to play :(
Posted 07:47pm 02/11/12
Haha, lucky this is alpha, those alien weapons are just way too good and very common. Topped the leaderboard with 15 kills 1 death while using the alien rocket launcher and the machine gun thing. It's fun though, gunplay is nice and solid so you can't spray and pray.
Posted 08:04pm 02/11/12
Just dropped some more keys in if you missed out - HURRY!
Posted 08:34pm 02/11/12
f*** yeh,cheers
Posted 10:20pm 02/11/12
lol my pc cant handle this game. whenever there's an explosion, it chugs.
Posted 10:57pm 02/11/12
Enjoy this far more than MoH
Posted 11:01pm 02/11/12
so i downloaded it from games.on.net (free quota) then install it, it then links to origin and then origin says cannot find data download game :(
Posted 11:10pm 02/11/12
so i downloaded it from games.on.net (free quota) then install it, it then links to origin and then origin says cannot find data download game :(

Repair install?
Posted 11:31pm 02/11/12
can i have one?? any left?
Posted 12:01am 03/11/12
It was pretty leggy on my quad core with gtx670 video card 1900x1200 on high graphics
Posted 12:56am 03/11/12
Needs DX11. Sadface.
Posted 01:24am 03/11/12
Is it just me or do all the servers have a ping of 170 no matter where they're located?
It was pretty leggy on my quad core with gtx670 video card 1900x1200 on high graphics

yer, 1920 x 1080 all on very high I gets about 25fps :(
Posted 11:39am 03/11/12
yep all the pings are 170 +.... that's total S*** !!!! I have dual 580 GTX and am also getting 25 to 30 fps just about unplayable. Back to COD for me bring on black Ops 2.

last edited by Reverend at 11:39:55 03/Nov/12
Posted 11:45am 03/11/12
I don't think they are actually 170 ping, might just be the browser being odd. Just filter for GameArena, they've got 16 up at the moment.

I've got everything set to medium albeit shading, shadows and water are all low, also no motion blur. Get about 90 FPS on my GTX 570 with i7 3770k and 8GB DDR3. Also turn vertical sync off, puts everything to 25 fps.
Posted 11:47am 03/11/12
I don't think they are actually 170 ping, might just be the browser being odd.

might be a bug or something because my ping was 20-30 when i joined the server.
Posted 11:54am 03/11/12
Solid 60fps everything on high here 8)
Posted 12:25pm 03/11/12
Running on High seemed a little choppy (gtx570) - didn't specifically check FPS yet. Will do later though. Lag was s***. But the map is looking awesome. Really, really badass. So far its good fun, but very similar MP to Crysis 2 which I got rather bored of.
Posted 01:27pm 03/11/12
I'd like to play that Hunter mode, seemed quite interesting. This conquest style mode is a tad hectic, and really just boils down to a team deathmatch while waiting for pods.
Posted 01:31pm 03/11/12
Put it to HIgh on GTX 670 ran great. Graphics on this map are murky.

I've had some fun, but the only populated servers are in the US and seem to have people of pings ranging from 200-450 so it's a bit too laggy but I enjoyed the few matches. I'll try again later and hope for a populated aussie server.
Posted 02:15pm 03/11/12
Dunno, was choppy and slow on everything from low to ultra (no real difference tbh) on my GTX 580 + Phenom II 965.

It's just Call of Crysis : Modern Console Warfare 2 again, I'll pass. Unlike the first game, this looks to be more like the 2nd, where the graphics are the only thing it really has going.

Simplified even further from the 2nd game from what I saw. Now instead of having a single bar and having to choose between stealth or armour, you have 2 bars. "Oh hey, I'll stealth and then use armour" is every single fight ever.
Posted 02:35pm 03/11/12
Guns are massive. stupid
Posted 03:22pm 03/11/12
Zoomed sensitivity is rediculous and there's no option that I can see to change the mouse sens, am I blind? I know it's just an alpha and a sens slider might appear in the finished version.

e: Alright, just had a quick bash at it. The sniper rifles are total bulls***, I've been killed by people just aiming in my general direction and mashing the fire button. Kill cam reveals they're not even aimed at me. I've also killed people in the same way.

Game runs well with everything on "medium" which still looks decent enough for my liking.

I've never liked the capture and hold game modes, much prefer team deathmatch or capture the flag.

and yeah I didn't mean every game was over 170 ping, I meant that it seems the server browser is reporting every server as 170.

My name in the game is NorahTihtzoff (all one word) in case anyone wants to add me on origin.
Posted 05:06pm 03/11/12
Keeps crashing for me now :(
Posted 05:11pm 03/11/12
Zoomed sensitivity is rediculous and there's no option that I can see to change the mouse sens, am I blind? I know it's just an alpha and a sens slider might appear in the finished version.

there is a sensitivity slider in one of the option menus.
Posted 07:22pm 03/11/12
really? hmm that'll teach me to try playing at 1:30am.
Posted 08:09pm 03/11/12
i5 2500k + 16GB ram + GTX570

I left it on maximum and got bad performance, put most things on medium and a 2 things on high and it was un playable. It would go 60 FPS when I look at the floor or a wall but looking straight forward other wise would result in 0-2 FPS. Might try again tonight and try eveything on low.
Posted 08:54pm 03/11/12
Try everything on medium except shading, shadows and water. Put those options to low and you'll see a constant 70-90 fps. I the map is to blame, a lot of water and plants causing some serious issues with systems, would be stressing the crap out of them.
Posted 09:06pm 03/11/12
I've got system spec set to medium, everything in advanced is on medium except motion blur which is low because I absolutely HATE motion blur. It's the most over used and abused effect EVER!.

1920 x 1080

200fps in the menu (lolz) and usually around 70 - 90 while running around in an empty server. I forgot to check what it was with a populated server but I didn't notice any slowdowns to where it was unplayable.
Posted 09:42pm 03/11/12
Agree on the hatred for motion blur, never liked it because it just distracts from environments. I mean, why spend so much time investing in environmental items and then blur them? Same with depth of field, sometimes that can be annoying as well.
Posted 03:04am 05/11/12
I am actually really enjoying this. It's a shame there's just the one map and mode. I think i'm liking it more than I think I ever did like Crysis 2 MP.

However for the love of god can games remove match making if it doesn't work. Every match on Aussie servers is full with a bunch of HIGH PING people and then all the problems this brings. Such as you're looking somewhere and die, then the replay shows someone where you were just looking killing you but they weren't visible to you.

Seriously at this stage in PC gaming, how do people not notice or care about their pings?
Posted 12:21am 06/11/12
Played about 5mins, hated it.
Posted 12:08pm 06/11/12
I like how you can customize your gun at any point by pressing "x", nice of them to tell me this....
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