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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 04:04pm 31/10/12 | 11 Comments
Reviewing an MMO is always tough, but we're lucky here at AusGamers that we happen to have not only a handful of guys on our review roster who eat the genre for breakfast, but also longtime AusGamers/QGL users whose views in the space are authoritative and trusted.

This was the case with our Mists of Pandaria review where old-schooler, Khel, not only took on review duties, but did so until he was sure he had the skinny on everything Blizzard is offering this time around in what is arguably the most controversial expansion they've done since inception.

Click here for his massively in-depth review.

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Latest Comments
Posted 04:08pm 31/10/12
Lol khel trusted at giving an unbiased review of anything to do with world of warcraft!?! What are you on crack? Whats next you going to res steve jobs to do reviews on apple products?
Posted 04:14pm 31/10/12
Posted 04:23pm 31/10/12
Lol khel trusted at giving an unbiased review of anything to do with world of warcraft!?!

Yeah, my first draft was just "LOL Guild Wars 2" repeated five hundred times with a score of 10 attached, but then I thought of what you'd say Taipan and so I gave it another shot.
Posted 04:28pm 31/10/12
what taipan said.
Posted 06:05pm 31/10/12
Whats next you going to res steve jobs to do reviews on apple products?

Next on AusGamers: infi provides an in-depth and balanced review of the Liberal Party!
Posted 06:25pm 31/10/12
I know I probably shouldn't take the bait, and its not going to make any difference to the haters anyway, but since there could be people reading this who aren't forum regulars I figured a little bit of an explanation couldn't hurt.

If you had a look you'll notice its not all glowing praise that I heap upon it, its an old game built on an old engine and that shows. Graphically and mechanically it can't stack up to newer releases like Secret World, Guild Wars 2 or Old Republic. Its really for the people who like WoW and have stuck with it over the years, its not going to change the mind of people who already hate WoW. Best I can do is compare the experience within the realm of WoW and its other expansions because any comparisons outside of that are pretty meaningless, so thats mostly what I did. I mean, its not even a whole game so its hard to really review in that sense, and its not like theres much new that can be said about WoW that people don't already know. Unless you're already committed enough to WoW to have previously levelled to max level you can't even do the new stuff.

But as far as WoW expansions go, its pretty damn good, so if WoW is your thing then I'd be grabbing it (if you haven't already) cos theres a tonne of new stuff to sink your teeth into, and its some of the best content the game has seen for years, I haven't enjoyed it this much since BC I don't think.

Seems to be a growing trend of dismissing any reviews which actually say good things about a game, like if you praise a game for being good you're somehow a sellout and the only valid opinions are negative criticisms. What would be your suggested solution, getting someone who doesn't play WoW and doesn't like WoW to review it? How would that be any less biased or any more useful? Especially in a case like this where the product only really has any benefit at all to people who already like or are fans of the game.

Sure, I like WoW, but all forum baiting, flaming and joking aside, I'm not actually a mindless fanboy with a one-sided view of things, and I made sure to make an effort to outline some flaws and criticisms I had of MoP in the writeup. But of course I'm going to say good things about it as well because, well, its good. You might disagree with some of what I wrote, and more power to you if you do because thats what keeps discussion interesting.
Reverend Evil
Posted 11:05pm 31/10/12
Speaking of WoW they are adding some new music for the Darkmoon Faire in patch 5.1 which sounds awesome

Posted 01:06am 01/11/12
Yeah, I think they have Danny Elfman on staff there now or something
Posted 10:32am 01/11/12
lol - that was a good review Khel. Might fire this up during one month break over Christmas!
Posted 12:51am 03/11/12
Holy s*** I instantly thought of Jack Skellingtons head listening to that song for the Darkmoon Faire... Then I had awesome memories of KH1 ;)
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