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While some may be enjoying Danger Close' latest Medal of Honor title (like myself), the publisher of Serious Sam titles Devolver Digital is urging those who aren't quite as happy the chance to win a copy of Serious Sam 3: BFE, with a catch.

Those of you who are displeased about the state of modern military shooters, namely the recent Medal of Honor, Devolver is asking that you simply use the hashtag #SeriousSam3XBLA and "tweet" you concerns, giving you the chance to win 1 of 100 copies of the Xbox Live Arcade version of Serious Sam 3: BFE.
“During this busy season of video game releases the team at Devolver Digital realize that not every game will live up to expectations. One such game has been Medal of Honor: Warfighter – yet another military shooter where cover is king and most folks spend their time peeking out form behind a wall or a strategically placed concrete barrier,” a statement on the Devolver site reads.

“That shit is weak. That’s why we’re pleased to announce the Serious Sam3: BFE ‘Warfighter-fighter’ program. Over the next week we will be offering 100 free Xbox Live Arcade downloads for Serious Sam 3: BFE to some of those affected so they can get up from behind that wall and get back to the unleashing heavy ordinance upon a horde of brutal aliens just like our forefathers."
Whether this works in favour of Serious Sam's publisher or instead spurs interest in Medal of Honor, we will have to just wait and see. Let us know your thoughts on this marketing tactic in the comments below.

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Jesus, Tom McShea will be loving this.
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