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Post by Eorl @ 10:26am 31/10/12 | 3 Comments
The dead keep on giving with developer Hammerpoint Interactive announcing that their zombie themed survival MMO The War Z will be opening alpha access to those who have yet to taste the wind of Colorado.

For players who purchased the base pre-order of the game, access to the alpha will be available starting tomorrow, with guest passes also being available for use. For those wondering how to celebrate Halloween in The War Z, Hammerpoint has announced new content that will be available tomorrow, including new zombies and more of the map opening up.
With a current player base of more than 200,000 gamers, the time is now for remaining survivors that have yet to get their first taste of The War Z. The game is available for unrestricted access on October 31, 2012 and, to celebrate, developer Hammerpoint Interactive is introducing brand new content that will feature the following:

  • New Characters – new playable characters
  • New Zombies – new zombie models
  • New Playable Area – entirely new section of game world opened up, including new large cities – effectively doubling the current map size
  • Special Themed Items – players will have access to special, Halloween-themed items in the game marketplace
  • Adventurers of the zombie apocalypse will also be glad to know that starting tomorrow, the NDA that has been blanketed over testers will be lifted, meaning anyone can stream content and talk freely about the product without worry.

    The War Z is currently in alpha development, with no release date announced yet.

    the war zhalloweenzombiesmmo

    Latest Comments
    Posted 11:22am 31/10/12
    Cant freaking wait, i hope they add the friend list soon
    Posted 12:44pm 31/10/12
    I have really tried to find out what it is about the War Z that you guys like, but continue to think this game and its developers are terrible. Do not buy.

    This game is not in alpha, alphas don't get put on sale to the public. Call it what you will, but that's not an alpha as far as any normal developer is concerned.

    Current player base of 200,000 gamers

    Thats just the kind of hyperbole the devs love. These guys are completely full of s***. Please stop writing about them until they actually have a decent product, you're doing a disservice to your readers and the other indie studios that you could be writing about instead.
    Posted 01:24pm 31/10/12
    It might be legal to cynically rip off a popular free product in a transparent attempt to steal some market share and make some quick cash, but that doesn't make it ethical.

    F*** these guys, and their rushed halfassed "game". I'll save my money for Class3/4 and DayZ standalone.
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