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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 08:59am 31/10/12 | 30 Comments
We've been talking about it all year, and despite our obvious enthusiasm for almost every facet of Ubisoft's third official entry in the Assassin's Creed III, none of it prepared us for the final product.

Taking cues from what the first and second games did so well, in dropping us into a rich, unknown world full of dense story, unbelievable character control and ever-rewarding gameplay mechanics, Assassin's Creed III carves out not only its own path in this franchise, but elevates the series to new heights. Add to this a tightened and more expanded multiplayer and you have an absolute contender for Game of the Year.

Click here for our in-depth review.

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Latest Comments
Posted 10:30am 31/10/12
I stopped reading at "Stop reading here". I've already bought the game in my mind anyway. A review can summarise my feelings for the game after i've had a playthrough of the product :)
Posted 11:06am 31/10/12
I deliberately didn't go into any details of the story and Connor but more on how it plays and is put together.
Posted 01:17pm 31/10/12
Playing through Revelations while I wait for the PC version of AC3.

Pffft, ludicrously high numbers on reviews. I liked that review a lot more until I saw that.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 02:00pm 31/10/12
Yeah eski, maybe we should just have a smiley face at the end of a positive review about a big game instead of a reflective score that accompanies said positivity. Or are smiley faces to positive for positive words too?
Posted 02:02pm 31/10/12
^ that but unironically. Maybe without the smiley face.
Posted 02:06pm 31/10/12
When you're given this much in a game and it's done this well that score is a good reflection.
Posted 02:14pm 31/10/12
Steve, that idea is balls out and awesome :P

Seriously though, I reckon less granularity in the scale would be good. Drop the decimal points at least. It just gets too hard to justify the difference between a 9.6 and a 9.7, and too confusing for the reader. I would be more comfortable calling this a 5 star game than a 9.7. At least then youre putting it into one of 5 brackets, rather than one of 100.

Naren, can you actually explain to me the process by which you arrived at the 9.7, and why you didnt choose 9.6 or 9.8?
Posted 02:46pm 31/10/12
Going into the game having recently brushed up on ACII and having previewed a few sections of this game already I had what I thought was a decent idea of the general way the game was heading. This obviously brings in a preconceived score range, which I had at a fair bit less than the final score.

Jumping into the game and the lengthy intro, which I've seen some other reviews post as a negative, was an extremely engaging and important part of the story as well as being a great continuation and progression of the mechanics and perhaps training wheels for newcomers. My score jumped up high after the first five hours of place. I also feel Connor's heritage and hence his persona, another main criticism from other reviews, fit perfectly for the setting and story.

From there it was a matter of seeing if the story maintained interest and all the mechanics and systems actually worked consistently, which they did, as well as creating the immersive and visceral feel mentioned. There were a few things which I would have liked to see explored more in the story with some objectives, this brought the score down slightly.

After that I looked at any downfalls the game had, which to me were minimal, but still had to bring it back down that tiny bit more. Lastly it was compared to other games that were similar in any ways. That brought the defining difference towards the end of the review, which for me was this games strong points, defying some gamers completely open free-roam world preference and comparisons.

To me, 9.8 didn't take into consideration enough of the parts of the game that I wasn't happy with and 9.6 was too low for such an engaging, well written and well paced game.
Posted 02:57pm 31/10/12
Pft, 9.7, this game is clearly 9.745
Posted 02:59pm 31/10/12
Thanks for the response Naren
Posted 03:12pm 31/10/12
No worries :)
Posted 03:29pm 31/10/12
Didn't read the review as I've already bought it, but glad to see a high score. I'm yet to hear a negative opinion of this game.
Posted 01:00pm 01/11/12
Only got a chance to play a little bit last night, just the starting bit up to where you're on the boat. But it had Jorah Mormont in it! Hope he comes back, seems like a waste of a good actor to do a voice that only shows up in the intro bit.
Posted 01:26pm 01/11/12
Here's a negative, apparently mentioned by other people, but the intro is far too long

I don't get much game time. When I do I want to play the game. I feel like I've been playing for hours and I'm still on the boat and haven't made it to America. It's very much on rails and there's no way to skip through it.

How much longer until I get to actually play the game?
Posted 01:37pm 01/11/12
apparently it takes about 3 hrs to get to connor.
Posted 02:35pm 01/11/12
Are you guys doing a AC:Liberation review?
Posted 02:39pm 01/11/12
I like the intro bit, but then, I like story stuff. Might have been nice to give people who don't care so much about the story/setup the option to jump straight into the action with some kind of quick cutscene that just fills in the important information
Posted 09:27pm 02/11/12
cant wait for pc, looks so s*** and jagged on xbox/ps3.
Posted 09:29pm 02/11/12
yeah i didnt mind ac on pc. looked so much prettier than on the ps3.

Duno why so many people had problems with binding etc
Posted 10:14pm 02/11/12
what the hell, cant buy this on pc yet ?
Posted 10:21pm 02/11/12
pc release is the 22nd/23rd of this month.
Posted 04:53am 04/11/12
cant wait for pc, looks so s*** and jagged on xbox/ps3.

Really? I was actually pretty impressed with how good it looks, been playing the 360 version and it looks amazing. Pretty impressive that they can keep getting more and more out of the same hardware, after its already been out for so long.
Posted 01:33pm 04/11/12
I've made it to the mainland and I've been hitting bugs all the way (PS3).

It is so frustrating it makes me not want to play

I climbed the crowsnest twice. First time I didn't do it the right way SOMEHOW?? It didn't recognise that I was up there. Just locked the camera view even though I could still glimpse land and move around. It was like a glass ceiling had kicked in and I was up against a hard corner of it. Had to climb back down and then do it again to be rewarded with that bit of FMV and the next part of the game.

While still on the boat, after I ran and rescued the guy that was having difficulty on the mast, and we'd dealt with the issues of the day and I went to sleep, then woke up the next day and the game told me I had 30 seconds to save him, so I'm running around like crazy trying to find someone who's in danger who isn't actually in danger because I saved him yesterday when he was actually in danger.

On the boat it was always telling me I could press X to move faster, but this rarely worked.

On the land at the first fort, I'm now stuck at a scene where I need to 'zoom in' and shoot some barrels, except I don't have the rifle in my hands, since it was dropped during the fight, and i can't use the musket I bought in the town. All i can do is turn in circles on the spot, zoom, and draw my sword.
Posted 03:56pm 09/11/12
I'm really interested in this game (which is the first time since AC1 demo), but do I need to play through the other games beforehand? If so, are there titles which I could skip on and still understand what's going on in AC3?
Posted 04:16pm 09/11/12
Theres a video at the beginning that briefly explains the story. You don't really need to follow the story to enjoy the gameplay and know where to go, but its got great fiction. You could hit up youtube if you didnt want to miss it.
Posted 04:40pm 09/11/12
Yeah, I had played AC2 but not Brotherhood or Revelations, so I just hit up youtube and watched the endings to those, I'm sure you could do the same thing for AC2 if you haven't played it, probably some video on youtube somewhere to joins all the important story cutscenes together.
Posted 05:15pm 09/11/12
ac3 is up for preorder on steam but once again we get butt f***ed with australian pricing.

ryan: i suggest playing ac1,2, brotherhood and just read up on revelations.

last edited by ravn0s at 17:15:06 09/Nov/12
Posted 05:41pm 09/11/12
seems like a waste of a good actor to do a voice that only shows up in the intro bit

What like Patrick Stewart in TES:Oblivion?
Posted 10:02pm 10/11/12
So I restated my memory and got back to the same scene and still couldn't shoot, this time rifle at my feet but it wouldn't let me pick up the rifle or use my musket

This on rails stuff is bulls***!
Posted 12:52am 13/11/12
ravn0s you are right its up on steam, I would consider it fairly pricy, its 49.99 euros and 79 euros for the deluxe version :/ probably will just get the regular, not sure if 1 hour extra gameplay is worth 30 euros
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