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Post by Eorl @ 12:20pm 30/10/12 | 19 Comments
Natural Selection 2, a game that many thought would never see the light of day is finally doing just that. Developed by Unknown Worlds, the game is a sequel of popular Half-Life mod Natural Selection, and sees two teams comprised of aliens versus humans pitted together in an FPS RTS sci-fi battle to the end.

With a rifle in one hand and the will to learn the steep learning curve, Kosta Andreadis took to the battle to see whether Natural Selection 2 really does live up to its development time.
What exactly sets Natural Selection 2 apart from other competitive online shooters is its blend of classic corridor team-based shooting that has become a PC-staple for decades now with the strategy elements found in RTS games like StarCraft. On paper this may sound a little gimmicky or even at worst, something that’s different enough to be a fun diversion for a few hours -- but in execution the end result is surprisingly exceptional, and more often than not, brilliant.
Check out the full review over here.

natural selection 2review
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Latest Comments
Posted 12:53pm 30/10/12
Surprised it has such a high score! I thought this game was going to bomb hard mostly because of the development team and their decision to make their own engine.

If the neg points are all learning and UI and not bugs then that is awesome news.
Posted 03:18pm 30/10/12
Never played NS but have heard good things. Im looking for a online FPS for multiplayer fun. This could be good.
Posted 08:36pm 30/10/12
Where's the review? this reads like a marketing department sales pitch.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 08:42pm 30/10/12
Yeah because this is such a heavily marketed game with tonnes of money and a giant publisher behind it. We're super shill here.
Posted 09:01pm 30/10/12
So did they ever get their Dynamic Infestation going?
Posted 09:23pm 30/10/12
'nuff said

Posted 09:29pm 30/10/12
So did they ever get their Dynamic Infestation going?

I hope so, it was the main reason they built their own engine IIRC.
Posted 10:28pm 30/10/12
Yeah it is in. They have just released the new version of dynamic infestation yesterday I think (haven't played in a while). The previous version was a placeholder.

I have a spare copy of NS2 I would swap for something -starcraft 2 beta would be good :P
Posted 07:34am 31/10/12
Is there seriously no ADS in this...? Cause as good as the game sounds, not having sights would s*** me so bad.
Posted 07:48am 31/10/12
No need for sights really. f*** all recoil, super fast moving enemies, PC only game.
Posted 08:48am 31/10/12
I have a free copy of NS2 that I can gift someone.

So long as you're a QGL regular that I recognize, all yours.
Posted 08:55am 31/10/12
I'll take it if your happy i fit your criteria mate
Posted 08:59am 31/10/12
Send me your steam details MARLINBLADE and I'll send it over before I log out and forget.
Posted 09:06am 31/10/12
You da man Chub, i'll send em through asap.
Posted 09:35am 31/10/12
This is the latest tutorial. It should answer any questions you have about the basic structure of NS2.

Posted 10:21am 31/10/12
i did ahve spare copy but now its not in my steam account :(
Posted 12:16pm 31/10/12
MARLINBLADE is a lucky man.
Posted 12:21pm 31/10/12
Yeah because this is such a heavily marketed game with tonnes of money and a giant publisher behind it. We're super shill here.
I still can't quite believe this one
Posted 12:27pm 31/10/12
MARLINBLADE is a lucky man.

Agree with that dude. Chub is da man!!

Can't wait to fire this thing up... sucks i'm going to Japan on Sunday tho and won't be back for 2 weeks, but i'll have to deal with that i guess... It'll be there when i get back, yehar!!
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