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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 04:12pm 29/10/12 | 31 Comments
So Mario Kart is pretty much one of the most fun party games EVER invented.

If you deny that, then please stop reading. If you agree, and are based in Sydney, then we want you to come along to a community event being run by Nintendo to help AusGamers emerge as Mario Kart Racing King Site-type thing.

All you need to do is be over 18 years of age, happy to play Mario Kart and equally happy to trek into the city. Details are this Thursday evening in Sydney City (more specifics for those coming), from 6:30pm until 10:30pm. Free food and drinks as well as rounds upon rounds of Mario Karts from each iteration.

Prizes on the night include Nintendo 3DS' signed by the voice of Mario, Charles Martinet (he was also in David Fincher's The Game), and a grand prize of a replica Mario Kart trophy.

We need 10 people in total, so it's first in, best dressed. But please, only put your hand up if you're keen on coming. Hit us up in the Comments section below if you're keen!

Watch Nintendo's official video invite to the event embedded below.

communitymario kartausgamers
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Latest Comments
Posted 04:22pm 29/10/12
I would definitely be up for it if it was in Melbourne. Oh well.
Posted 04:28pm 29/10/12
I'm keen.
Posted 04:42pm 29/10/12
I'm keen for sure.
Posted 04:46pm 29/10/12
That guy would be so annoying to work with...
Steve Farrelly
Posted 04:53pm 29/10/12
He doesn't actually talk like that all the time :P
Posted 05:00pm 29/10/12
Jesus, cannot unsee!

Cant remember who, but isnt one of the posters here some kind of world class mario kart champ?
Steve Farrelly
Posted 05:02pm 29/10/12
So Dean, JKorz I have you two down, need a few more though :)

Anyone else, just email me:
Posted 05:56pm 29/10/12
this is outrageous.

as australias self proclaimed best mario kart player evar, this should be in brisbane.

its great to see that theres still plenty of online players getting around on the weekends.

me and spook jnr have a great time watching me win!
Posted 07:14pm 29/10/12
Posted 07:50pm 29/10/12
HeardY and me are in
Posted 07:58pm 29/10/12
It's been quite a few years, but I'm keen, sign me up yo!
Posted 08:23pm 29/10/12
in with nats
Posted 08:49pm 29/10/12
mario reply...
Posted 09:34pm 29/10/12
I have a feeling Heardy and nats might be interested.
Posted 09:38pm 29/10/12
haha, you f*****s are gonna get pwnt. sign me up.


Ah f***, this Thursday? f*****g grrrrr I never seem to get enough notice for this s***.
I've gotta work, sign me out I guess. count yourselves lucky, I rock teh Mario Kart >
Posted 09:48pm 29/10/12

blame the forum f***up
Posted 09:49pm 29/10/12
Could this type of thing be run in Newcastle, NSW as well? They run gaming comps there every weekend
Posted 10:09pm 29/10/12
woo! bring it nats n heards!
Space Ninja
Posted 08:18am 30/10/12
I was only ever good at Mario Kart on the SNES otherwise I'd be down for this.
Posted 10:26am 31/10/12
any more details come up on location?
Posted 10:50am 31/10/12
I'm not good at any of them.... Just come along ninja free food and drink is excuse enough ;-)
Posted 12:59pm 31/10/12
Yea ninja, I don't have high hopes. Get into it
Posted 11:58am 01/11/12
Without giving away venue location -> if anyone on team ausgamers wants to join us for a pre-event warmup, then HeardY, myself and probably m0rphy will be DIRECTLY ACROSS THE ROAD from the venue from 5:45 sinking pints.

PM me here or natslovr at gmail to get my mobile if you are worried that "hey are you here to play mario cart?" will be mistaken for a pickup line in a DARK DINGY PUB.
Posted 12:03pm 01/11/12
I'll see you ladies there, i'll be on a different team though kicking your ass.
Posted 07:45pm 01/11/12
this is outrageous.

as australias self proclaimed best mario kart player evar, this should be in brisbane.

heh.. sif you are old man.
Posted 10:23pm 01/11/12
true story bro

im on most saturday mid mornings if you feel like challenging the mighty brotty
Posted 12:11am 02/11/12
Great night. Thanks AusGamers
Posted 12:17am 02/11/12
was the event recorded?
Posted 12:33am 02/11/12
Nats won worst lap time ever. Steve wasn't far behind

Good night. Well done team
Posted 11:39am 02/11/12
Nats - where is your trophy photos :)
Posted 02:42pm 02/11/12
Yep, cheers lads. No driving and more drinking for me next time.

I didn't actually see your pre-drinks post there nats, woulda come earlier.

Team Ausgamers didn't win... lol. Cheers for the invite tho Steve!
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