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Post by Eorl @ 11:58am 23/10/12 | 9 Comments
While probably not the best ad that Nintendo could have come up with, a new UK-only TV ad has been airing for their upcoming home console, the Wii U. Featuring snippets from many of the launch release games, the ad really pushes the notion that this is a brand new console, and not simply an extra controller for the current Wii console.

Featuring gameplay from ZombiU and Batman: Arkham City, the ad shows off how the controller can be used in conjuction with titles to enhance the gameplay or add to it. Also featured was the ability to "transfer" your game to the controller while the TV is occupied by someone else, allowing you to continue playing.

nintendo wii utv ad

Latest Comments
Posted 12:09pm 23/10/12
The first noise in the trailers like like it is from the Intel theme noise!

Is anyone out there like, really hanging out for this thing to come out?
Posted 12:20pm 23/10/12


I've never bought a console on release date. This isn't gonna change anything.
Posted 12:32pm 23/10/12
I kind of am hanging out for it, mainly interested in how the tablet controller works and how developers will respond to it. It'd be awesome if they push map or inventory down to the controller, or even the HUD and keep the main screen clutter free.
Posted 12:34pm 23/10/12
Is anyone out there like, really hanging out for this thing to come out?

Posted 12:36pm 23/10/12
I dunno, I still haven't used the first Wii very much yet. Haven't even got it hooked up, and I have games that I've never opened.
I just don't like sitting there waving my arms around, I may as well be washing dishes.
Posted 12:53pm 23/10/12
I've been playing Metroid Prime 3 on the Wii and the controls s*** me, because you have to keep your Wii Remote and aim steady the entire time. If you don't your vision will move all over the place. There is no need for it, what it needed was an aim button like the Gamecube versions which then allows you to aim with the remote.

The Wii U doesn't interest me at this stage because of the lack of exclusive Nintendo titles.
Posted 12:54pm 23/10/12
Somewhat interested as a childhood nintendo fanboy
Posted 04:22pm 23/10/12
ZZZzzzzzz. Marge, turn the channel over...
Posted 04:34pm 23/10/12
I'd be interested, if there were any launch titles worth being interested in. The hardware looks cool, but I think I'll wait till theres something worth playing on it that actually takes advantage of it.
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