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Sony has released a new trailer showcasing the multiplayer side of the upcoming God of War: Ascension, which will see players pitted against each other in an arena like field. The trailer introduces the first God, Zeus, that players can "align" themselves to in-order to gain superficial powers similar to that of the God.
The "signature" multiplayer mode is "Favor of the Gods". In this mode, the first team to accumulate a target amount of points will claim victory. Points, known as "Favor," are earned by kills and other methods. When players are not on the offensive, they may help their team earn points by capturing altars, collecting red orbs from chests, and setting traps for opposing players. Every multiplayer level map features several special power-ups - such as the boots of Hermes for accelerated speed - providing players with a brief advantage.
Check it out below for a glimpse at the lightning God or head over to our game page for more.


god of war: ascensionmultiplayer trailerzeussony
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