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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 04:29pm 17/10/12 | 2 Comments
We did it. We created world peace by bringing all the warring nations together in a single, celebratory feature looking at the 2012 and 2013 gaming calendar.

Okay, well, to be more specific, we wrangled up all of our buddies at our so-called "competitor outlets" and asked them to contribute to a feature outlining not only what they're most looking forward to in this fourth quarter of 2012 (as well as some prior to it), but to also offer their excitement for what's on the 2013 horizon. This was no small task either, I might add. All these guys are busy doing their own thing, so we're more than stoked they came on board to not only offer their insight, but to do it in the silliest part of the year for all gaming journalists.

Moreover, we also asked our own stable of writers to chime in with their thoughts in the same vein so you're not just listening to my dribble, which you have to all year.

So call this a Festivus Buyer's Guide, or a pre-emptive Aussie industry GOTY feature, or whatever, we don't care. What's important is most of these guys have been in the industry for a very long time, and we respect their points of view as much as anyone, and feel privileged to have them in the virtual pages of AusGamers.

Click here for everyone's thoughts on the now, and the future!

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Nerf Lord
Posted 04:51pm 17/10/12
Woo, hi-five for Thief 4 in first person's list. Twas the first thing which came to my mind. ;)
Posted 07:26am 18/10/12
I was hoping DUST514 would get a shout out, but not particularly surprised it didn't. No real surprises mentioned except the South Park game, years ago it would have caused outrage, these days, not so much.
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