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Post by Dan @ 10:55am 17/10/12 | 5 Comments
Denizens of Bethesda's Skyrim forums have reportedly uncovered clues in the data files of yesterday's Skyrim PC patch that suggest some possible additions to the game in the next DLC expansion for The Elder Srcolls V: Skyrim, further corroborating speculation that it will be titled Dragonborn, after a recent Bethesda trademark filing (thanks VG247).

References to DLC2, and Dragonborn are prevalent, and there's animation configs that suggest different methods of combat while mounted on a dragon. Also discovered are quests that feature the names Solstheim, Telvanni, Castle Karstaag, Raven Rock, and Miraak Temple.

Solstheim is the name of the island off the coast of Morrowind, where The Elder Scrolls III werewolf-centric expansion Bloodmoon took place --a very viking/nordic themed region, much like Skryim. Telvanni should also be familiar to players or Morrowind, as one of the great houses of the region, governed by high-elf wizards and slavers.

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:22am 17/10/12
So I can fly a Dragon back to Morrowind?
Posted 11:36am 17/10/12
Cannot wait. Just finished a fresh game with dawnguard while I had some time off.
Posted 03:48pm 17/10/12
The other bits of DLC have been, well, highly uninteresting (imo), but the chance to revisit a part of Morrowind and find out exactly what happened and how bad has very much piqued my interest.

Presuming it actually happens.
Posted 04:19pm 17/10/12
If it adds some areas from morrowind I'll be keen. So far I'm pretty unimpressed with the dlc for Skyrim. The chance to be a vampire instead of a werewolf, or a f*****g house and an adopted kid, oh yay.
Posted 12:05pm 18/10/12
They should just add Morrowind to Skytim. All of Morrowind. Have it to be traveled to when you finish the main story quest.
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