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Post by Eorl @ 03:37pm 16/10/12 | 4 Comments
Paradox Interactive and Fatshark have announced upcoming plans for additional content to the recently released medieval warfare game War of the Roses, with new maps, modes and weapons planned for the coming months.

The new content will also feature the use of in-game currency to purchase some of the items, however a more direct approach is available for players to trade hard earned real money for content.
First content update is set to include:
  • One new Milanese Knights Hospitaller crafted Heavy Armor, with over 10 paint options to choose from.
  • Seven new weapons: gothic mace, rondel dagger, halberd, Hospitaller pollaxe, horn spanned crossbow, new arming sword, and an Italian side sword.
  • A new helmet
  • Four new visors

  • Content updates will automatically add new items to be acquired in the game. The system is designed to reward players who have invested a lot of playing hours into the game and items will be immediately available for players to redeem though accumulated in-game currency. For those who are too impatient, there are also options to purchase in-game currency to secure content.
    You can check out the full release over at the official website, or check out the screenshot below for a preview of just some of the weapons being added.

    paradox interactivewar of the rosesfatsharkmedievalcontent update
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    Latest Comments
    Posted 05:04pm 16/10/12
    How about adding a swing-stamina bar and a latency threshold for joining a server?

    Why add content when your base game is flawed -_-
    Posted 08:13pm 16/10/12
    Excellent, more stabby things. Hope the balance the Scottish claymore soon.
    Posted 01:27am 17/10/12
    The scottish claymores fine.

    Just learn to parry.
    Posted 01:29am 17/10/12
    Scottish Claymore is fine

    Just learn to shoot arrows.
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