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Post by Dan @ 10:01am 09/10/12 | 8 Comments
After overwhelmingly negative reactions to shipping previous games, such as Street Fighter X Tekken, with locked content on the disc to sell later under the guise of downloadable content, Capcom had indicated they would be stopping the practice with future products.

However, console modders, browsing the DVD file system of the recently released Resident Evil 6 (AusGamers 6.8/10), have reportedly uncovered an extra difficulty level, and additional character costumes and taunts, as well as references to planned map packs, and multiplayer game modes (via: Eurogamer):
YouTube user FluffyQuack released a number of videos showing unreleased DLC for the game, obtained by modding.

...According to FluffyQuack's YouTube video description, it appears the No Hope difficulty is indeed on-disc DLC, but the costumes, attacks and taunts are unlockable items. The game files refer to map packs, multiplayer game modes and a co-op for the Ada campaign, which appear to partially be on the disc.

Speaking with Eurogamer this afternoon, a Capcom spokesperson admitted that one piece of Resident Evil 6 DLC requires downloaded data and on-disc data to work, but declined to offer specifics. Based on the information available, this may be the No Hope difficulty.

"We still have unannounced DLC for RE6 that will be revealed in the coming months and while virtually all such content will not be on the disc there will be one piece of content, that for technical reasons, requires the use of a combination of newly downloaded data and data that is included on the retail game disc," the spokesperson said.
The videos referred to can currently be found here :No Hope Difficulty, here: Costumes, and here: Taunts.

What do we all think? Legitimate deployment of post-launch content, or a less noble attempt to further monetise content that should have been included in the initial purchase price?

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:31am 09/10/12
Good old Capcom, was on the fence about buying this but I'm glad I didn't now.
Posted 11:38am 09/10/12
Yeah, same here. I was mildly interested in getting it, but I don't think I'll bother now. I really don't want to support s*** like this.
Posted 11:52am 09/10/12
Wow, I used to love the resident evil series. Going down hill fast.
Posted 12:01pm 09/10/12
Buying a harder difficulty level seems quite hilarious
Posted 12:54pm 09/10/12
Which makes me wonder if this is really DLC or just unlockable content?

I mean if people actually buy costumes and taunts and difficulty levels for games then I guess there is a market for it but I would have thought this kind of thing would fall more into the unlockable content area.
Posted 01:00pm 09/10/12
You would think that, but Capcom have a history of doing this sort of thing
Posted 01:48pm 09/10/12
Once upon a time a company would make a best effort for a game. If successful they would find enough funding from the sales of their game to knock up some kind of expansion pack to reward its large enough fanbase, who would reward them back by purchasing it.

This is a very specific process of 1) The content not existing in the first place and 2) the popularity of a game making the decision of how the game continues past it's initial release.

Today though, DLC is planned, they no longer give their best effort for the game, they give an arbitrary amount of effort for the initial price, then whatever would complete the game is actually available when purchased. Little to none of the actual expansion side of the game is developed afterwards. There may be some patches to fix bugs, but the plan from the get go is to "hook" a player then reel him in with morsels for minor money.

This kind of tactic i believe is why gamers are bitter. The first kind of expansion is based on honesty and reward for the fans, where the second kind is based on deception and profit driven.

This is why i'm bitter.
Posted 02:49pm 09/10/12
I dunno, I partially agree with you, I think a lot of games do have plans for DLC before they even release these days, but I don't think its necessarily made before the game is released and then held back. Theres a lot of games that have come out complete, then DLC is made afterwards, in fact I'd say the majority of good DLC coming out these days is made this way. Its just s*** like what Capcom pulls that brings the whole model down.
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