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Post by Dan @ 10:13am 04/10/12 | 4 Comments
Hot on the heels of Obsidian's recent crowdfunding success, another team of veteran developers have embarked on a similar journey. This time, it's Loot Drop, the 30 person Texan studio formed by the infamous John Romero, and his partner Brenda Brathwaite, also joined by the similarly decorated Tom Hall.

Hoping to fund "an old school RPG", Brathwaite, and Hall have taken to Kickstarter with a US$1 million goal, promising to actually create two full games if they reach a stretch goal of US1.9M.

Tom Hall is known as one of the original founders of id Software, and a programmer and designer on a huge list of classic titles including Doom, Wolfenstein, Commander Keen, and Rise of the Triad, and most appropriately Anachronox during his tenor at the short-lived Ion Storm. Brathwaite is best known for her work on the Wizardy RPG series, the Jagged Alliance games, and more recently her marriage to the aforementioned Romero.

Peculiarly, the pitch seems to be playing down the involvement of fellow id Software founder John Romero, perhaps purposefully trying to avoid being associated with the developer's unfortunate history of overhyping games like the ill-fated Daikatana. Romero is however featured in the pitch video as part of the dev team, and will be among the trio that promises to hand deliver you a copy of the final game on a velvet cushion if you pledge $10,000 to the project.

Specific details on the proposed games themselves are light on, but their plan is to recreate the feel of the classic era of PC RPG games:
Loot Drop's Old School Role-Playing Game is a classic RPG from the days when RPGs were king...brought to you by award-winning veterans!

...Gather your bearings and belongings, leave town, and embark on a journey in a world that seems at once welcoming and friendly... until you meet its dark side!
In its first day, the project has already broken the $100,000 mark, so it looks like it has a good chance of success, and a rather ridiculous list of endorsements from fellow developers such as Blizzard's Rob Pardo, Arkane's Harvey Smith, Obsidian's Chris Avellone, Jordan Mechner, George Broussard, and Notch certainly don't hurt.

Catch the pitch video below (HD here), and head over to the Kickstarter page for more.

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Posted 11:41am 04/10/12
Tim Schafer could definitely start charging for these Kickstarter video cameo appearances, if he isn't already.
Posted 07:11pm 04/10/12
EY! Tom Hall is the voice of Denton's bro in Deus Ex :D
Posted 07:43pm 04/10/12
Tim Schafer could definitely start charging for these Kickstarter video cameo appearances, if he isn't already.

someone will just create a kickstarter for it.
Posted 08:48pm 04/10/12
Can't say I'm impressed with this pitch. Just reading their kickstarter page it feels so bland. I can't help but see that translate into the Old Skool RPG. Sorry guys, Project Eternity has the better team and the significantly better presentation.

Also, John Romero will always carry the shame of Daikatana.
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