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Post by Eorl @ 09:30am 03/10/12 | 14 Comments
Fatshark and Paradox Interactive have today announced the release of their gritty medieval third-person combat war game War of the Roses. The game features a wide range of military weapons including brutal crossbows and greatswords, plus a devastating finishing move for those who have been downed.
The king has fallen with no clear successor and two powerful English houses are vying for the coveted crown of England. You step into armor donning the vibrant, albeit tarnished, colors of your liege lord and march alongside your fellow knights into a battle frayed with confusion and the clash of steel on steel. With arrows and bolts grazing past your cheeks, you head deep into the skirmish in an attempt to show your enemies exactly which rose is the most powerful. Sharpen your blades and prepare yourself for War of the Roses, where skill is not an unlock.
Currently the release hasn't gone so well, with a huge server issue for anyone trying to play above 16 player games, plus the instability of having only one server provider. A recent status update on the forums has confirmed that the server issues have been halved, however some may still be affected.

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Latest Comments
Posted 09:56am 03/10/12
Steam has just finished downloading it as I finished reading this. I will try it out later when I finish some errands, Hope it goes well. Having only one server provider is stupid unless that provider is on the ball 100% and dedicated.
Posted 06:37pm 03/10/12
Loved the beta but so far for me this has been running much worse than when I was playing on 300 ping.
Posted 07:00pm 03/10/12
The beta forums mentioned the game wasn't ready for release...
Posted 07:03pm 03/10/12
I didn't have any issues playing on a 64 player server. One of the devs was there, I instakilled him, woo.
Posted 07:52pm 03/10/12
Yeah seems to be running a lot smoother now then when I tried this morning. I have however set everything to max except for the shadow options, but overall it looks so good. Shield bashing annoys me though, doesn't seem to be a cooldown on it compared to hitting F and charging. Also remember to put your visor down to stop face attacks.
Posted 11:46pm 03/10/12
Don't see the point in making another thread specifically for this but Chivalry: Medieval Warfare seems to be like TF2 only with swords, polearms and archers. Skip to 5:12 if you don't want to see the training mission and just want MP action. Since this is a Robbaz video some may want to mute it or whatever.

Posted 10:25am 04/10/12
That guy is soo annoying. Made some funny comments though:

"Watch me lag this b**** ... Like a boss" I faking lol'd

He's obsessed with everyone being either an a****** or b**** lol.

I do like the idea of an arcade TF2 style medieval game. Whilst this doesnt have the complexity of war of the roses, it'll be way more accessible to nubs and probably more popular. Hopefully these two games can coexist and there isn't an exodus to chivalry from war of the roses when it comes out. I'm enjoying wotr too much ATM.
Posted 11:06am 04/10/12
They are all a*******s and b******
Posted 11:16am 04/10/12
I've found performance has improved a bit, makes things somewhat easier.
Still have no idea how some of these people go on a 20 kill streak without getting chopped down though :(
Posted 11:28am 04/10/12
I've found performance has improved a bit, makes things somewhat easier.
Still have no idea how some of these people go on a 20 kill streak without getting chopped down though :(

Daggers. Seriously if you are cornered pull out a dagger as it causes stunlock and you can slash your way out to an open area where you can run away to bandage. Also using F to charge your way out is handy if you can knock someone over.

Currently my main complaints are servers, having only Multiplay as a provider is seriously detrimental to the community and the growth of the game, so hopefully a LAN option plus either ranked or unranked server files is offered sooner rather than later. My other complaint is friendly fire. I can understand realistically that swinging your sword around in a group of friends on top of an enemy will cause damage to them, but it seriously hinders gameplay. Having my arrows accidentally hitting teammates because they jumped in at last minute is annoying.

Also having cavalry charge in and knocking me over is stupid, especially with people not knowing how to use them properly.
Posted 11:30am 04/10/12
the game looks pretty cool! love that guy in the video made me laugh!
Posted 01:31pm 04/10/12
FF is very frustrating but fair enough IMO. Most peeps learn quickly that if u wanna gang attack someone just use thrust and overhead strikes so u don't hit each other.

The dagger stun lock is BS. daggers should do f*** all to platemail. The only way to deal with dagger spam is use the 'riposte' perk and 'push' perk. It needs to be fixed so you just lessen the impact of the opponents blow if u hit them whilst they r in mid swing perks should interrupt like shield bash and push and F tacke. The shield bash should be on a cool down. The damage of a sword swung from horseback does like 10% of the damage it does when swung on foot, wtf? It should do the same if not more when charging on horseback and the same as on foot every other time. You should be able to vote for team/squad leader.

To fix the friendly fire issue they could just have servers with casual (-FF no team collisions) and competitive (+FF)

I'll post some more stuff later as I'm currently compiling a post for the official forums.

In the mean time post your steam Ids so we can all jump on one day.
Posted 02:34pm 04/10/12
yeah I liked the way they handled the speed bonus in mount and blade, makes more sense.

also they really need to cap the amount of archers :(
Posted 10:34pm 04/10/12
I have had no problems with archers. I mostly am one.........I miss 80% of the time any way. I also have trouble hitting things in melee. I hold a swing but if they are too close it does not work, that irritates me.
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