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Post by Dan @ 10:03am 02/10/12 | 15 Comments
Blizzard has rolled out Diablo III's v1.0.5 to their public test realm, and the always epic (or should I say, legendary) list of changes can now be found over in this official blog post.

As has been mentioned in recent weeks, the biggest changes this time around are numerous tweaks to defensive skills across all classes and reductions in monster attack damage that will purportedly result in greater survivability.

The new Monster Power system also kicks off with this patch, implementing a manner of player-adjustable monster difficulty for scaling loot returns (more details on that here), as well as a new event titled Infernal Machine, where players can access a portal to some new double boss battles with greater chances of hot loot drops.

Hit up the PTR 1.0.5 patch notes for the complete run down.

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Latest Comments
Posted 02:45am 03/10/12
Too little too late.
Posted 11:00am 03/10/12
^^ i was literally just about to type that
Posted 01:47pm 03/10/12
The fact that it took over a day for anyone to reply to this thread shows you how many f**** were given.
Posted 02:24pm 03/10/12
Sorry, too busy enjoying Borderlands 2.

You know, a fun Action-RPG that is not a mind-numbing grind-fest.
Posted 03:04pm 03/10/12
"Quick, everyone is leaving the game and no-one is buying it! Why!?

OMG I KNOW! We'll make it easier and reach the casual market! GENIUS!"

Meh, zero care.

Too busy playing Torchlight 2. Y'know, the game that Diablo 3 SHOULD have been.
Posted 03:20pm 03/10/12
+1 for Torchlight 2 , the game D3 should of been...
Posted 04:17pm 03/10/12
+1 for Torchlight 2 , the game D3 should have been...

Posted 04:56pm 03/10/12
Who would have thought Blizzard could make a game that was more popular to hate on than WoW?
Posted 09:51pm 03/10/12
Who would have thought theyd make a game that was a grind ... shock f*****g horror. To be fair though the game was always going to sell well given the warm fuzzy memories so many people had of d1 and d2. Personally though its going to take a serious shift in attitude from them before i pick up another one of their games. They seem to have the same level of arrogance about their games as apple does with all its s***.
Posted 10:00pm 03/10/12
Posted 12:52pm 04/10/12
yeah just really can't be f***ed

i've moved on
Posted 04:32pm 04/10/12
i'm still sucked into this s***.. but i'm slowly waning..

paragon 35 hardcore monk.. i see the grind ahead and just think ... why...

i did test my monk on the ptr and was able to easily beat diablo on inferno monster level 0 - so i cranked it up to mp 5 and was able to still kill large groups of mobs - so i cranked it up to 10 and even though i was killing the first pack of 10 somehow they all hit me at the same time and i died..

but yeah i saw the vid of the guy killing the mp10 elite and getting s*** loot.. and thought.. wtf am i doing..

Posted 04:38pm 04/10/12
D3 was designed around the auction house instead of the other way around so blizzard can make transaction cuts on the RMAH.

This is why D3 was a complete failure.
Posted 06:19pm 04/10/12
Still playing this for only one reason a mate of mine, thats it everyone else on my list has not been on for 60+ days it still baffles me how bliZzZz could royally f*** this game up, everytime i login i point that out to my mate he isn't sick of me saying it because i think he is just as frustrated. After everyone is gone NOW they come out with the PTR server bloody idiots really are some thick skulls behind the scenes of this game.

They "DOUBLED" the legendary drops in the upcoming 1.05 patch but what is that only 1% ? just to test to see if my character was bugged (have not got a legendary since 1.03) went to normal with 300% mf all i got was a level 10 WD mask had like 11 int 1hp regen not very legendary lol and for 2 hours after nothing at all now it just makes me think how can i expect a legendary drop in inferno when they are ment to drop more in normal.

So they come out with MP10 so it would take people 10x the time to kill Diablo and the drops are exactly the same only one thing i can see in that is people get frustrated by not killing him fast enough and go buy more s*** from the AH.

Don't know how much more of this game and the idiots working on it, how many more moronic ideas can they come up with.
Posted 04:34pm 05/10/12
Diablo 3, what's that? Blizzard who?
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