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Post by Eorl @ 12:10pm 29/09/12 | 4 Comments
In an interview with Gamasutra (thanks CVG), Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida has conceded that the biggest hurdle the new PlayStation Vita handheld has faced so far has been convincing developers to make third party games. Yoshida suggests that the lack of support could be due to the emmergent of several gaming platforms, including the imminent smartphone market.
"...In retrospect, there are so many options for publishers now that we cannot take it for granted that our new platform would be supported by third parties, like [it would've been] many years ago."

"There are limited resources that third party publishers have, and they have to diversify into new areas constantly; that's a challenge to get the support that we want.

"We've been working harder with our third party relations department to secure more content for PS Vita," he said. "...We are confident that we have the right hardware platform that we have with PS Vita."
While the death of the Vista isn't in sight, Yoshida believes that when Sony has defined what the Vita is, then we shall see a larger range of third party support. Add in the support that many of its in-house studios can offers, and we may see a more attractive market for consumers in purchasing the PlayStation Vita.

[PlayStation Vita's biggest challenge: Convincing developers]

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Posted 12:30pm 29/9/12
I like my Vita if only to play DJ Max Technika Tune and Project Diva f on it. It's a strange thing the handheld market. I feel like you need good games to entice people to purchase a device, but then at the same time developers seem to not want to create a game for a new handheld because of the cost/return thing. Why create a game for a new handheld when your not sure the market is there? At least in japan they seem to of given up the psp/vita scene on the monster hunter series and converted to the 3DS which can't be helping them any either.

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Posted 09:10am 30/9/12
It's a shame there hasn't been more third party support. Vita is easily the best piece of portable hardware I've ever used. Some great upcoming games though.
Posted 09:15am 02/10/12
Honestly Sony would of been much better off holding out on a handheld release until their next console was ready. Maybe linking the hardware in some way, like they tried with the PSP, or something similar to what the Wii U is doing with it's controller.
Posted 09:59am 02/10/12
I'M sure 3rd party dev's will come around. Still early days for the Vita.
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