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Post by Eorl @ 11:12am 29/09/12 | 6 Comments
The creator of the very big indie game Minecraft has told Twitter followers that "I'd rather have minecraft not run on win 8 at all..." in a recent spat between Microsoft and himself in regards to certifing Minecraft for Windows 8.

The comments come after Markus "Notch" Perrson placed a message on Twitter saying that Microsoft had asked him to help certify Minecraft for Microsoft's latest OS, Windows 8. The certification process would allow Minecraft to be sold through the store that is bundled with the new tablet-like OS, allowing for ease of install.
Got an email from microsoft, wanting to help "certify" minecraft for win 8. I told them to stop trying to ruin the pc as an open platform.
The quite outspoken developer has been known to voice his opinions, along with a few others on the topic of Windows 8. Recently Gabe Newell, co-creator of Valve and Steam has stated that Windows 8 is a "catastrophe for everyone in the PC space".

There have been many opinons about the walled off area that is Windows 8 and its App Store system, however the choice is still there as a PC user, with the new OS still giving users the chance to do what they want on the desktop, even playing Minecraft.

What are your thoughts on Windows 8 so far? Could it have a severe affect on game development? Let us know in the comments below.

windows 8gabe newellminecraftmicrosoft
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Latest Comments
Posted 11:31am 29/9/12
The Windows Store will (should!) provide a way for the less savvy to more safely purchase and install software, as certification enforces certain code standards. The walled garden is a genuinely good idea for some types of users.

Its also pretty easy for developers to get access to the store, we signed up and plan to give it a go. In particular the fact that in-app purchases don't need to go via the MS Store (and hence can be MS commission free) is nice.

For the desktop it is a bit of a storm in a teacup imo. The Windows empire on the desktop is built on the backs of legions of Visual Studio devs pumping out Windows-only software day in and day out. Making the desktop store mandatory could be a long term goal for Microsoft (as they'd pick up 30% of all Windows software sales and make life harder for viruses) but its going to be a very hard sell and we're still a few versions of Windows away from that, if it ever happens.

Embedded Windows8 (ARM) is another matter. Here's its apple-style and you have no choice but to use the windows store, much like iOS' model. This is a big turnoff for me and I won't be getting a Win8 tablet until quality x86 versions are available.
Posted 12:42pm 29/9/12
wow notch is d***. this guy released his game on iphone and hes b****ing about a cheap and quick certification. keep trying to stay relevant
Posted 03:13pm 29/9/12
Misleading thread title. Minecraft probably runs fine out of the box on Windows 8 (though I haven't tried).

Notch is just railing against Microsoft moving in the direction of closing the PC platform and exerting control over it like Apple does with iOS. It's the same stance he took when asked why Minecraft isn't on Steam. If Windows and OSX become closed platforms it'll be bad for everybody.

His words might hold more credibility though if Mojang didn't follow the money on Minecraft for xbox 360, a closed platform.
Posted 05:59pm 29/9/12
His argument is "turning an open platform into a closed platform is bad" not "closed platforms are bad". Supporting platforms that have never been open doesn't really go against that argument.
Posted 07:03pm 29/9/12
It's only a fine distinction. At the end of the day both platforms are now closed whether they started open or not.
Supporting closed platforms as a developer comes down to how much control and profit you're willing to give up when the big guys tap your shoulder and say they want a significant cut.
Posted 08:14pm 29/9/12
developers can still develop for windows without certification. certification is good news for consumers and will encourage lighter resource software and compatibility like 64bit integration and uninstall guidelines. devs had no reason to follow these rules beforehand but now they have a financial incentive ie being part of the windows store.
3.2 Your app must not stop responding, end unexpectedly, or contain programming errors
3.4 Updates must not decrease your app’s functionality in a way that would be unexpected to a reasonable customer
3.8 Your app must meet the basic performance criteria on a low-power computer
The app must launch in 5 seconds or less
The app must suspend in 2 seconds or less

had a quick squiz at most of their requirements. they protect consumers and less savvy users have a pc sales medium they can trust.
the only problem i can see that notch would have with this is that the store is integrated into metro and has an unfair advantage over other stores and his distro site. hes not going against this because hes opposed to microsoft ruining the pc as an open platform, hes going against it because it has an advantage over his distribution and if he uses it they will take a cut. this is why he hasnt put minecraft on steam and its why blizzard and steam are so strongly opposed. notchs game went viral and if it didnt hed be clamoring to get on the windows store. he got lucky and luck grants him this luxury of opinion. notch has hinted at helping with a distro service for indie devs in interviews so its also likely the store announcement made him shed a tear or two. people have to find software on the net and that seems a little oldschool these days and its also a b**** for consumers. steam takes a cut of 35% and windows will take a 30% cut of sales. 30% to get an app right up in the customers face and give them some virus safe and secure payment peace of mind. doesnt seem like a bad deal for devs to me
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