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Post by Dan @ 05:34am 27/09/12 | 2 Comments
The Creative Assembly has dropped the first glimpse of their hotly anticipated strategy sequel Total War: Rome II, with a new trailer showing some in-game Roman action (Thanks Nerfy).

The video is officially described as gameplay footage, though it's a cinematic cut of in-engine action doesn't really much of what we're likely to see when playing the actual game when it arrives. A more extensive walkthrough of an actual campaign is promised soon, but for the time being, this one's still pretty tasty:
The year is 146BC, brilliant tactician Scipio Aemilianus is dispatched by Rome to break the three-year-long siege of Carthage, an unforgivable blight on the glory of the growing Empire.

Ruthless determination and an almost suicidal amphibious assault is required, but the young consul is uncomfortably aware that the price of victory may be much higher than the senate realises.
Watch the trailer below, or click here for the HD option.

Total War: Rome II is due on PC in 2013.

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Posted 06:11am 28/9/12
On a related note, Rome Total War is 93% off on steam today for $1 -
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