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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:25pm 24/09/12 | 13 Comments
We had a chance to speak with Blizzard ahead of the official release of World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria, and sacrificed our resident WoW expert, Khel, to the lead encounter god, Ion Hazzikostas, for clarification on a number of hot topics among the MMO elite.

On 25-man raids, Khel asked what the process was moving forward as they tend to be thinning out.

"One small step that we’re taking in 5.0 is that 25 player raids, on both heroic and normal, will drop six pieces of loot per boss instead of five like they used to," Hazzikostas explains.

"So there’s a slightly better ratio of loot per person, getting six for 25 versus two for 10, when you go for the larger sized raid, so that’s one thing."

As for crafting an entirely new race from scratch, while bolstering existing lore, Hazzikostas reveals that it's not as easy as it looks

"I think that’s one of the great challenges, but also one of the great opportunities of this expansion, since we had something of a blank slate when it came to the continent of Pandaria itself," Hazzikostas says.

"Really I mean, I think what we’ve done there is try to weave together themes of exploration and discovery with the more familiar Warcraft material of Horde and Alliance and the conflict there."

Click here for the full interview which covers everything from Challenge Modes to luring players back to the world of Azeroth and much more.

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:37pm 24/9/12
They sneaky bastards have been posting maps on the facebook fan feed, I f***** love maps and am feeling an urge.
Posted 01:53pm 24/9/12
Obes will be happy, I'm going to do a review of it too and give it a score out of 10
Posted 01:57pm 24/9/12
At least 9.4, fo sho
Posted 03:50pm 24/9/12
6 pieces of loot? that's their solution to 25's? wow.
Posted 04:01pm 24/9/12
Be sure to mark Mists of Pandaria down if there's a lack of jumping puzzles.
Posted 04:08pm 24/9/12
6 pieces of loot? that's their solution to 25's? wow.

Nah, thats not their solution, they don't have a solution yet, thats just one small thing they've done in Mists to help out, but its still very much something thats actively being discussed and worked on.

Its pretty bad on my server, on Alliance we're like the only 25 player guild left, all the others have gone 10 man, then I think theres only 1 on the horde side as well. So hopefully they find a solution before 25 man just disappears completely
Posted 04:07pm 24/9/12
Perhaps you should score it 9.4543262 give or take .0000001
Posted 04:10pm 24/9/12
I was thinking 94 out of 100
Posted 07:19pm 24/9/12
10man is good for your skills anyway
Posted 07:47pm 24/9/12
I did 10 man through Wrath, but it just doesn't have the same feeling as 25, I love the sense of scale and the teamwork it takes to pull off 25, just more fun than 10 man for me.
Posted 09:11pm 24/9/12
I got bored in 25man, it felt like the opposite of good teamwork a lot more of the time
healers basically just did nothing but spam aoe heals and heal through a lot of mechanics, and the raid could survive through so many more derps with 3 rezzes and extra people. about the only thing I found harder was where fights require a minimum distance from other players, in a limited area and even then it was... wow all the aoe healing spam hardly even noticed it anyway. even the extra damage on specific abilities just got mitigated by all the extra cooldowns available in the raid

I suspect the best thing they could do for 25man is make it less forgiving to f***ups. in 10man on progression, one f***up by one person will usually mean a wipe - and sometimes the raid comp will mean we don't even have a bres for some attempts cos the only one we have is on cooldown from the last attempt. if they made it so 2-3 people f*** up once in 25man and you wiped, you'd probably feel some accomplishment and people might stick around more to make fielding that many people a bit easier

that would basically alleviate the meh feeling I have toward 25man anyway
Posted 12:05am 25/9/12
Blizzard sure do know how to make good multiplayer games.. even though they're not exactly massively multiplayer.. playing the game (using skills and abilities in a manner to defeat monsters) seems so, un-massive compared to say the deadtime (grinding reagents, mats, ahing, spamming general chat with 3-10 year old jokes) part which is massive.

Is that really ok?
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