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Post by Dan @ 10:22am 20/09/12 | 11 Comments
The hotly anticipated multiplayer sequel to Runic Games' well received debut action RPG Torchlight launches tomorrow on Steam, promising some mythical features such as offline single-player, LAN multiplayer and moddability, from the Seattle-based team that includes several of Diablo's original architects.

AusGamers had the good fortune of pre-launch access to Torchlight, and if you were a little underwhelmed by the recent genre blockbuster Diablo III, as our reviewer Dylan "Gameboffin" Burns was, then you'll probably be interested to hear his thoughts on this new US$19.99 contender.
If you enjoy clicking the left button of your mouse thousands of times in order to get pretty rewards on the screen, this is a no brainer – order a 4-pack and demand that your friends put their lives on pause!
Read our review to find out why.

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Latest Comments
Posted 10:52am 20/9/12
Posted 11:01am 20/9/12
you lost me at "coquettish"
Posted 11:46am 20/9/12
It still feels like it is copying Diablo

Feels like? I thought I was looking at Diablo 3 screenshots in the review for a moment there.
Posted 02:59pm 20/9/12
To be fair, Torchlight did that art style first.
Posted 04:27pm 20/9/12
So f*****g keen on this, but I have the feeling Borderlands 2 will keep me away from it for a few weeks :(
Posted 04:46pm 20/9/12
Looking forward to hitting this up tomorrow night. Diablo 3 was a fail for me. This looks spot on.
Posted 04:56pm 20/9/12
This and Borderlands 2 will keep me busy this summer. Hurry up and end uni!
Reverend Evil
Posted 07:55am 21/9/12
Woot. It's unlocked now.
Posted 08:47am 21/9/12
Unlocked it this morning before work. Then I had to go to work :(
Posted 11:52am 21/9/12
Jay Wilson should be taking notes. F*****g amateur!
Posted 04:12pm 10/10/12
I haven't put a lot of time into this. I found myself at a point at lvl 23 in act 2 I think with my only quest to do in a lvl 29+ area. Like there wasn't enough quests or something? Just me? Will play more this weekend.
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