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Post by Eorl @ 03:40pm 19/09/12 | 10 Comments
With a full racing cockpit, a German steering wheel, a seat shaker and a tracking head unit, it's safe to say that racing fanatic Bennett Ring is quite adept at taking on the latest F1 2012 title by developers Codemaster.

While my extended knowledge of racing has been kept to Nintendo's Mario Kart, Bennett has a long history for the virtual racing tracks, making him the perfect candidate to review the latest F1 series, and with such knowledge has been able to identify the good and the bad for this September release.

Check out the review over here for his thoughts.

f1 2012 reviewracingcodemaster
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Latest Comments
Posted 05:20pm 19/9/12
6.5! pretty tough there though given it doesn't seem to be overly different from F1 2011 (or doesn't seem to be as big a step from 2011 that 2011 was from 2010) it's probably quite the honest score.

Might pick this up when it heads a bit cheaper. I enjoy Career mode in 2011 so it's sad to see it didn't make it.
Posted 05:24pm 19/9/12
it does the shiny reflections on the Mclaren’s chrome paint job.

Posted 06:52pm 19/9/12
Damn i was so looking foward to this. like Grunder said ill wait till it gets much cheaper like just before the 2013 patch :)
Posted 07:09pm 19/9/12
Hmm, glad I didn't pre-order, I was hoping for more.

Any comments on multiplayer? I heard there was going to be a career mode available?
Posted 09:20am 20/9/12
Sounds like once again they haven't fixed the rules engine that randomly disqualifies you for anything and everything completely legal.

Guess I'll just wait for their characture bobblehead F1 title they're working on - the one with tracks that go verticle, has powerups etc.
Posted 11:30am 20/9/12
Or we can just take our usual stange of telling first-post spammers to F- OFF!
Posted 11:30am 20/9/12
Multiplayer is exactly the same as last year - not a single change as far as I can see.

Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy the game and am joining a league to play it every Sunday night. However, if I had to pay for it like everybody else, and wasn't joining a league, I think I'd stick with 2011. It's such a shame that major issues still haven't been resolved after three years.
Posted 03:58pm 10/10/12
I picked up this game a week or so ago. I played a little bit of F1 2010 and after being utterly spoiled by the Forza series I decided to let the series rest for a couple of years before picking up a copy.

As someone who has waited I have avoided the sting of seeing problems from the previous games remain unfixed. They just feel like fresh new problems to me. Well actually I haven't really noticed any glaring flaws with the game but I have only clocked up a few hours of playtime so far. One thing that was instantly apparent and pretty much made me buy the game straight away after playing the demo is the absolutely kick arse driving physics. I wasn't very impressed with the previous two games but I f*****g love this one.

I just wish car setups didn't bamboozle me so much. Luckily there are places where you can look at other people's car setups so I just copy them and hope that they are right.
Posted 09:57am 15/10/12
F1 2012 is a solid effort by Codemasters but I wonder how much time was spent on QA. Codemasters just released the 7th patch and yet the localised weather in career mode isn't 100% fixed. Patch #2 fixed over 200 issues according to the release notes.
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