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Post by Dan @ 02:18pm 19/09/12 | 26 Comments
At their press conference ahead of the 2012 Tokyo Games Show, Sony has formally unveiled the long-expected and oft-leaked next slimmer revision of the PlayStation 3 console.

More specific details, and official images are no doubt still forthcoming, but the announcement revealed two models that both boast to be 25% smaller and 20% lighter than the most recent PS3 console (and 50% slimmer than the original phatty), with the option of 500GB or a cheaper 12GB flash memory version.

Release dates for the the new revision are a little confusing at present, with a few different dates for the various territories ranging from late September 2012 to mid October.

Update: The local Australian press release has just come in, listing a local release date of September 27th 2012 for both 500GB and 12GB flash memory models, which will be priced at AUD$399.95, and AUD$299.95, respectively.

sonyplaystation 3tgs 2012

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Posted 02:19pm 19/9/12
pfft bring out the next playstation not a slimmer version of this one :/
Posted 02:28pm 19/9/12
Image from engadget ...

Posted 02:28pm 19/9/12
I'll probably buy this as I haven't bought a PS3 yet and don't have a Blu-Ray player.
Posted 02:29pm 19/9/12
Damn it looks ugly in that pic.
Posted 02:42pm 19/9/12
One last push to get sales for Christmas before they announce next year the PS4 is coming out.

Sony, I see right through you.

Although I can't image why at this stage you'd get one if you didn't already.
Posted 02:52pm 19/9/12
My PS3 broke about 2 years ago and sometimes i want to play the games i own.

Still not sold :P
The GuVna
Posted 03:09pm 19/9/12
I never really thought console width was an issue.
Posted 03:47pm 19/9/12
my fat ps3 is still going strong
Posted 03:48pm 19/9/12
my fat 60gb broke :(

needs to get repaired but i heard they take ur 60 and send you a refurbished 80 and you lose your 60?
Posted 03:56pm 19/9/12
if mine stopped working i would go and buy a new one instead of getting it repaired.
Posted 04:06pm 19/9/12
My PS3 broke about 2 years ago and sometimes i want to play the games i own. Still not sold :P

I thought PS3's weren't backwards compatible anymore since they removed that ability? or was that just the ability to play ps1 games they removed?
Posted 04:17pm 19/9/12
the original 60gb ones were that i got. but you lose it if you get it repaired through sony, as they give you a "newer" model and you spose to be happy about it
Posted 04:31pm 19/9/12
cant you backup the HDD?
Posted 04:37pm 19/9/12
Aren't ps3 game installs mandatory? 12GB isn't going to go very far.
Posted 05:02pm 19/9/12
Wondering if you can get the 12Gb model and put your own HDD in it, I've got stacks of 2.5" drives lying around. The 12Gb model, they seem to be pushing people towards paying $100 for an external 250Gb USB drive, in which case, I don't know why you wouldn't just get the 500Gb model.
Posted 05:16pm 19/9/12
If you wanted to use it as a streaming media box/bluray player, that could also play an occasional game, the 12gb one would be fine. Not every game installs itself either, and when they do install themselves its usually not the whole game, just like a cache of assets and stuff. You can always delete the installs when you're done with the game too.
Posted 05:19pm 19/9/12

Aren't ps3 game installs mandatory? 12GB isn't going to go very far.

i've never had to install a game
Posted 05:41pm 19/9/12
Only real reason i'm still hanging onto my PS3 is because of Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, which is being released beginning of next year which looks amazing.
Posted 05:50pm 19/9/12
my fat 60gb broke :(

needs to get repaired but i heard they take ur 60 and send you a refurbished 80 and you lose your 60?

don't know about that but once they go they're pretty much gone anyway, teq had his repaired they even did it for free as they were trailing a new type of repair or something when they gave it back to him they pretty much said it could last a year or it could last a week, his was the later.

the solders f*** out on them and they're kind of boned
Posted 05:56pm 19/9/12
my fat ps3 is still going strong

Posted 08:35pm 19/9/12
My original 60GB console is still going stong. Well it still works, I've not felt a need to turn it on for anything other than blu-ray playback in a number of months...

I hope to all f*****y that Sony have a better 'game plan' for the PS4 than they did for the PS3...
Posted 08:52pm 19/9/12
ill buy if it <150.

pretty old hardware tbh
Posted 09:00pm 19/9/12
What's six year old PC hardware worth these days? Kind of amazing how slowly console hardware depreciates in value.
Posted 09:45pm 19/9/12
Not for sale DK.

I know what it is, and I knew exactly that when I bought it for $900.
The saddest part is that once I finished GTA IV, the 'current gen console' market only went downhill from there. I enjoyed the Uncharted games, and a few others, but there were better games on the PS2 :S
Posted 11:37pm 19/9/12
I should find an old PS2 so I can finish Persona 4 and start Persona 3. My PS2 I got is from a second hand store, Its a bit on the f***ed side but would still would I think.
Posted 12:24am 20/9/12
Never played any of the Persona games but I hear nothing but good things about them so I plan on picking up P4 Gold for the Vita later this year.
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