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Post by Dan @ 12:42pm 19/09/12 | 4 Comments
As the days countdown to the long-awaited launch of the hotly anticipated Torchlight II, developer Runic Games has released the game's official soundtrack, as a free download.

Fans of the original Diablo games are particularly in for a treat, as among the many ex Blizzard North veterans at Seattle-based Runic, is composer Matt Ulemen, whom many will know as the bard behind the iconic tunes in the original Tristram.

The 120mb download can be found over on the official site, or mirrored here locally on AusGamers files.

Torchlight II launches in under 2 days, on September 21st 2012 and can presently be pre-ordered on Steam for US$19.99.

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Latest Comments
Posted 01:44pm 19/9/12
hahahah, you're working too hard Dan :P

Chris Uhlmann

Matt Uelmen
Posted 01:44pm 19/9/12
I thought that name sounded familiar.
Posted 02:58pm 19/9/12
Cheers, eski. nfi how I mixed that one up as I'm not even familiar with the ABC guy.
Reverend Evil
Posted 03:45pm 19/9/12
Nice. Hanging out for TL2 although it sorta blows that it's being released so close to MoP.
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