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Post by Eorl @ 10:05am 15/09/12 | 36 Comments
The mod that has re-imagined the original Half-Life has finally been released today, featuring a huge improvement over the original with the use of the Source engine. The mod features several new changes including a redesign of the map, new art textures and new models.
Utilizing the Source engine, Black Mesa will reintroduce the player as Doctor Gordon Freeman, along with the original cast of memorable characters and environments seen in Half-Life. Black Mesa was built and founded on the basis that Half-Life: Source didn't fully live up to the potential of a Source engine port of Half-Life. As such, Black Mesa was founded to fully reconstruct the Half-Life universe utilizing Source to its fullest potential in terms of art detail, level sizes and code features. It should be noted that the project is being built from the ground up and is not a simple port of Half Life maps and models into the Source Engine. The idea is to remake the storyline used in Half Life into a new polished Source Engine version with new models, maps, soundtrack, voice acting and textures.
You can find a local download from AusGamers over here which should help stem the mass influx the official website is feeling In the process of fixing link. To play Black Mesa all you'll need is the 2007 Source SDK which you can install by going to Library > Tools menu in Steam.

Check out the trailer below showing off the difference between the original and the mod, a quite stark difference in development.

black mesahalf-lifemodremakesource engine

Latest Comments
Posted 10:32am 15/9/12
I'll grab it once it's on steam.
Posted 10:49am 15/9/12
Posted 11:32am 15/9/12
Robbaz has 1 part of BM up which, if nothing else, is a good 16 minute preview of what it looks like. I wasn't going to download this but damn it looks good.

Posted 11:55am 15/9/12
Can't wait for the download, looks great.
Posted 01:57pm 15/9/12
been waiting a long time for this, can't wait to check it out

edit: snap, dl is incomplete.
sha1 hash of the bad file: 9545B071E8D399BDC3A1EA49D4001A138D4B8E42
Posted 12:40pm 15/9/12
Damn that commentary is annoying.
Posted 12:44pm 15/9/12
Just finished downloading unmetered on GA.... zip archive is f***ed :(
Posted 12:45pm 15/9/12
Just had a quick game of it. Ah the memories!
Posted 01:01pm 15/9/12
Played until maybe 20mins after the cascade. Game crashed. Nice while it lasted.
Posted 01:01pm 15/9/12
Robbaz is an acquired taste that's for sure.
Posted 01:08pm 15/9/12
Lithium, just in the process of fixing link, archive was indeed broken!
Posted 01:22pm 15/9/12
I shall await the lord Eorls fixing of the link. =)
Posted 02:24pm 15/9/12
All good for download now!
Posted 02:41pm 15/9/12
Download speed is going all over the place.
Posted 06:19pm 15/9/12
Can't download on Chrome. It just says "Please wait, preparing your download... 6" and doesn't count down.

It counts down in IE, but when I click the link that appears, it just says "Your download: Black Mesa Client v1.0 (BlackMesav1.0.7z)" and doesn't do anything.
Posted 06:22pm 15/9/12
torrent worked like a charm for me.
Posted 06:45pm 15/9/12
Yeah, the torrent works fine.
Posted 07:30pm 15/9/12
Plus one to the torrent. Can't get look up and down on the gamepad working, all the other buttons work fine :(
(Yes keyboard and mouse game, but I want to play on the tv tonight)
Posted 11:12pm 15/9/12
The AusGamers download worked fine for me tonight.

I'll grab it once it's on steam.

It seems you need Steam to run it, it runs through Steam and that is where the install defaults to.
Posted 11:13pm 15/9/12
cool, i'll grab it tomorrow.
Posted 11:33pm 15/9/12
Resorted to reliable ol' Usenet.
Posted 09:36am 16/9/12
yeah torrenting it was easier, neither internode nor ausgamers mirrors worked for me.

I played up to army showing up before taking a break, pretty good so far, a few dodgy animations here and there (particularly the crowbar attack) and some noisy textures but overall pretty well done.
Posted 11:37am 16/9/12
I installed everything but when I started the game I got an error: "Could not load library client".

From the BMS forum this seems to be caused by a corrupt installation. I got mine from AusGamers, can anyone confirm that it works?

Torrent time.
Posted 12:12pm 16/9/12
Game won't even load for me. Just hangs on a black screen.
Posted 08:58pm 16/9/12
Same error with the torrent damn it. I will look in to it and report back.
Posted 09:16pm 16/9/12
Holy hell it's different just got grenades and a pistol such a good job~
Posted 09:26pm 16/9/12
Managed to get it to run. I verified the cache on the three Source SDKs. They all verified fine, but it started working after that.

It's pretty cool. The new voice acting is a little disappointing, and some of the load times are a bit stupid. Still enjoying it though.
Posted 11:58pm 16/9/12
If you want to watch an LP with a competent player and pretty decent quality commentary, go check out Galm's playthrough.

30 min video chunks and he's just put out number 8.

Far less annoying than Robbaz, but may still be an aquired taste.
Posted 12:16am 17/9/12
played up to the helicopter at the dam. pretty cool overall.
they've gone to quite a bit of effort to improve a lot of areas and make things a bit more complex than the original. somehow manages to look quite pretty in parts too. plus, crossbow.
Posted 08:19am 17/9/12
Shame they didn't up the jump, just a tiny little bit (yes jump crouch) but its just that little too low that it becomes annoying jumping onto things.
Posted 08:30am 17/9/12
Try this fix.

Folks are posting "auto-crouch-jump" scripts in various places, but I preferred to just increase the jump height a bit. Edit Steam\steamapps\sourcemods\BMS\cfg\skill.cfg and change the values for bms_normal_jump_vertical_speed and bms_normal_jump_crouch_vertical_speed. Personally I used 200 for each. Like in the original HL, with that value you do still have to crouch-jump for some jumps (but not for every jump).
Posted 11:03am 17/9/12
Sweet, perfect, those values don't make it too high so it's still the same as playing the original but it doesn't take more than a couple of go's to get onto a barrel :P
Posted 04:39pm 17/9/12
Such a good game. The Soundtrack is amazing also.
Posted 08:26pm 18/9/12
Is Ausgamer's mirror giving a working file?
blew the last of my quota for the month on a bad zip from ModDB
Posted 10:35pm 18/9/12
It seems to work. I got an error when I ran it but I got the same error with the file on the torrent. I haven't fixed it yet.
Posted 08:26am 19/9/12
Went to Gamearena on spec, even though they weren't listed as a mirror site
Found it, got it free of metering
Played some last night
no problem
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