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Post by Dan @ 12:31pm 13/09/12 | 16 Comments
A few short months before the new R18+ rating category for video games is set to become Australian law, the Classification Board has released the guideline document that outlines where the lines will be drawn between the new classification divisions (thanks Kotaku).

As Kotaku points out, the document disappointingly makes reference to the interactive nature of computer games necessitating tighter controls than other passive media formats -- a notion that has been diluted by plenty of studies over the years, and never supported by any conclusive findings.
Interactivity is an important consideration that the Board must take into account when classifying computer games. This is because there are differences in what some sections of the community condone in relation to passive viewing or the effects passive viewing may
have on the viewer (as may occur in a film) compared to actively controlling outcomes by making choices to take or not take action.

Due to the interactive nature of computer games and the active repetitive involvement of the participant, as a general rule computer games may have a higher impact than similarly themed depictions of the classifiable elements in film, and therefore greater potential for harm or detriment, particularly to minors.

Interactivity may increase the impact of some content: for example, impact may be higher where interactivity enables action such as inflicting realistically depicted injuries or death or post-mortem damage, attacking civilians or engaging in sexual activity. Greater degrees of interactivity (such as first-person gameplay compared to third-person gameplay) may also increase the impact of some content.
Overall, the newly-defined R18+ category does not appear to be much more accommodating of adult-themes than MA15+ is under the current system, however, we do feel that it's important to remember that the discretion of the Classification Board staff tasked with deciding a game's rating will undoubtedly be affected by the simple, yet powerful distinction that an R18+ sticker on the box will exhibit.

You can browse the official ACB guideline document in it's entirety here at

r18+classificationr18+ ratingclassification board

Latest Comments
Posted 01:22pm 13/9/12
I actually agree that interactivity makes a difference. Mashing circle over and over to beat someone's head to a pulp ala God of War is more impactful to me than watching it happen in a cut scene
Posted 01:28pm 13/9/12
I wonder if we'll ever live in a free representative democracy here in Australia.

It's just utter BS!

I'm 29 years old. The government has no right to tell me what I can and can't play.
Posted 01:39pm 13/9/12
I'm just going to wait and see what happens. I think there will be an up roar if a game released in the US would have to be edited here to be released as R18+ or be banned. Until that happens though I'm just going to assume we'll be OK.
Posted 05:51pm 13/9/12
Don't we all just pirate the R18+ games?
Posted 09:41pm 13/9/12
Called it...

I got told I was just being cynical, but I bloody called it.

F*** this planet, I'm done...
Posted 04:24am 14/9/12
For the love of god ladies, wring the tears out of your panties please :D

We now HAVE an R18+ rating, the details of classification are FAR easier to address than the utter circus we have had to deal with for the past decade.

If you don't think this is a huge win, you need to get out into the fresh air a lot more.
Posted 05:29am 14/9/12
I'm 29 years old. The government has no right to tell me what I can and can't play

umm yes they do, they can also tell u how much to drink, how to drive, what u can and cant watch, how much out of each pay u lose to tax.

Its a lovely system where we get f***ed over time and time again
Posted 06:20am 14/9/12
@ Sc00bs -

The government pen-pushers will "tell" you whatever they think might help you be a good little tax-paying subject.

Let's see:

I drink as much as i want to and no one stops me.

I drive like a twat in between the rare sightings of PIGS on our highways.

I have a list of banned media that was dis-allowed to enter the country due to censorship, i promptly downloaded the entire lot and sold it to everyone i know, stating that this is the stuff the government wont let you watch, enabling high sale prices (Read: BLACK MARKET).

It's a F****D country we live in, ruled by the government who LIES TO YOUR FACES. I do as much as i possibly can to thwart their attempts at every turn.

I won't get into the firearms legislation >:D
Posted 03:19pm 14/9/12
If you don't think this is a huge win, you need to get out into the fresh air a lot more.

if you think the ACL suddenly dropped their campaign against an R18+ category because the new system was truly an adult's only categorisation, then I have a bridge you might be interested in investing in.
Posted 03:39pm 14/9/12
Holy s*** I just cut myself on LAFO's post it was so f*****g edgy! You keep raging against the machine bro. I reckon sc00bs might even have some books you can read to help you in your ragin'.
Posted 10:59pm 14/9/12
Looks like back to piracy!
Posted 11:12pm 14/9/12
become part of the political process if you dont like what is happening... thats the beauty of a democracy..

in the end what you believe doesn't matter if it goes against the majority..
Posted 11:24pm 14/9/12
three 1 post count users talking about how cool it is to pirate. its a trap
Posted 12:06am 15/9/12
Posted 07:07am 15/9/12
At the least, it will get worse before it gets better. Measure this in a period of, say, a decade or more.

As long as this country is being run by people who have their own financial interests in the front of their mind (Read: GREED) nothing will ever get better, it will get worse as our future generations think that getting reamed by the powers that be is a normal way of life. IT IS NOT. It's not a democracy if what the population wants is ignored completely.

The government gets what they want because THEY CONTROL WHAT INFORMATION THE MEDIA GIVES US, via Television, Radio, Newspapers and ESPECIALLY SOCIAL ENGINEERING WEBSITES. This dictatorship-like control over free-speech MUST BE STOPPED if our way of life is to return to normal. STOP WATCHING TV NEWS, STOP READING NEWSPAPERS, STOP F*****G TWITTERING EVERYTHING YOU THINK!

If you're keen on seeing the disgusting underbelly of this countries pathetic excuse for a political system, have a good read through kangaroocourtofaustralia dot com.

That should ruffle a few feathers ;)

Regarding the censorship issue - It's another form of control. Wake up and smell the s*** people.
Posted 08:56am 15/9/12
Where do they come from, and how do we get them to go back?
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