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Post by Eorl @ 10:11am 08/09/12 | 12 Comments
For the past two weeks ArenaNet's recent launch of their long awaited MMO, Guild Wars 2, has been having a bit of trouble. With the usual array of bugs, connection issues and even the case of forgotten passwords, the launch has been mostly a smooth one.

However, according to recent daily game updates via their official wiki, the game has been affected by some malicious hacking attempts, with a current mark of 8,500 accounts having been caught up in the chaos. The tickets include users who have fallen victim to hacked accounts or any blocking login issues.
Hackers have lists of email addresses and passwords stolen from other games and web sites, and collected through spyware, and are systematically testing Guild Wars 2 looking for matching accounts. To protect yourself, use a strong, unique password for Guild Wars 2 that you've never used anywhere else!
When accounts are hacked and then used for botting or spamming ads for gold sales, we ban the accounts until we can return them to their rightful owner. If you login and see the message, "this account has been permanently banned for a violation of the User Agreement," and you're not a gold seller, it's likely that your account was hacked. Please contact customer support using the instructions below.
Luckily though it seems the Guild Wars 2 database has not been compromised, but instead hackers are systematically testing stolen passwords from various sources including spyware, other games and sites. The ArenaNet support team are prioritising those who have been affected the earliest and working from there to ensure everyone is able to jump into the game as quickly as possible.

For those worried about their accounts security, ArenaNet has now begun using a email security system whereby anyone that tries to login to your account from outside a sanctioned IP will not be able to do so until you have allowed, preventing anyone from gaining illegitimate access. The support team is also encouraging users to use unique and hard to guess passwords in order to keep safe.

For more info on Guild Wars 2, you can check out our recent AusGamers review, and also swing by our game page for the latest news and screenshots.

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Latest Comments
Posted 10:23am 08/9/12
I like the whole sanctioned IP thing but but f*** me did it terrify me when I tried to log in after resetting my router and needed to authenticate my new IP. I thought I was being hacked or something.
Posted 10:28am 08/9/12
I don't mind the way that blizzard handle it, if you have a new dynamic IP that's a cause for you having to put in the authenticator code again. Just means that when i play sc2 somewhere else or every other week at home, i gotta use an authenticator.

Of course there's no authenticator for GW2 yet :(
Posted 10:31am 08/9/12
so it's not the guild wars accounts that got hacked, it's stupid people who use the same password everywhere who got burned and absolutely nothing at all to do with the guild wars hardware being compromised?
Posted 10:34am 08/9/12
There is actually not a lot in terms of security for GW2, pretty disappointing. You were initially able to change the email with out a email confirmation and apparently at launch your entire credit card number was visible in account info, I think that has been changed now though. Also no security questions, only form of support is ticket system afaik. Not the best launch security/support around.
Posted 10:35am 08/9/12
Yeah I got several password reset emails and that authentication thing as well, made me a little paranoid for sure.

This is why I hate websites requiring registration for every god damned thing. It means there are dozens of sites you barely ever visit that have your email address and a password that you tend to use in their database and you've got no idea what level of security they keep on it.
Posted 10:52am 08/9/12
Yea I decided long ago to not go onto any MMO type sites, cause they clearly sold them to the c****s, or they just stole them. I used a different non games related e-mail for GW2 just to avoid that s***. Still get several scam mails a day for WoW over 3 years since I last played it.
Posted 01:47pm 08/9/12
This just happened to me at 11:11am this morning. I got the authorisation email from them asking me to allow them access if I wanted to.

Showed me the IP address and location and it's the damn chinese.
Posted 06:05pm 08/9/12
Password rater, just in case yours is not up to scratch.
Posted 06:24pm 08/9/12
^^ not too sure about that site being a good means of testing your password, it seems to predict that some s***** short ones I tried would take 50+ years to crack - the same ones are rated as weak-to-medium by a couple of other checkers

try this instead and use as a reference

give this a try to help you learn how to pick them

a bit more light reading
Posted 06:34pm 08/9/12
or rather than clicking on all those pesky untrustworthy links, you should just pm me your password and ill tell you if its secure.
Posted 06:41pm 08/9/12
I think I feel safer with TufNuT, His avatar is Bender after all.

Edit: Also when I click on some links from here sometimes, I get homeimprovment dot com website.....
Posted 06:40pm 08/9/12
dirty hackers can go hunter2 my hunter2-ing hunter2
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