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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 04:28pm 05/09/12 | 5 Comments
AusGamers contributor, Naren Hooson, managed to get some face time with DayZ creator and mod celebrity, Dean Hall, recently to have an in-depth talk about the success of DayZ, it's forthcoming stand-alone release, the mod community, what he thinks of free-to-play, Aussie and NZ servers and much, much more.

"Modding is a huge part of Bohemia’s products so [with] ArmA III, modding is going to be a massive part of that. DayZ, not so much initially because of the hacking and the fact that it’s a PvP title," Dean told us. "We have to provide a fairly standardised experience, so at least initially, we won’t support modding in the central mode cause it’s more like an MMO, but we’d love to have some kind of sandbox mode that we can enable so that people can do that."

Click here for the full interview.

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Latest Comments
Posted 04:49pm 05/9/12
Wish he would stop doing interviews and actually work on the game!
Posted 05:16pm 05/9/12
How do you know he isn't? Working on the game I mean..
Posted 06:36pm 05/9/12
Wish he would stop doing interviews and actually work on the game!

From here.

Obviously some people aren't too thrilled that not much information has come out, and also that instead of that I've been travelling around visiting media and going to conferences. It's a fair point, we're trying to develop a game here not win an election. But there is some real value to the staging efforts that have been going on, an example being PAX where I am now. Initially, we weren't going to go. But when we looked at it, we realized the tremendous networking opportunity and a chance to discuss DayZ with some of the best and brightest minds in gaming. Already the trip has paid dividends.

The media stuff is also really important, they're a vessel to other areas of the industry. Yes, I end up saying the same thing again and again. That is just how it works. I cowboy up and deal with it. The apparent radio silence is more about me not really having anything to say, rather than ignoring things. My main effort now is "listening", which I have been carefully reading and collating the suggestion threads both here and on Reddit, as well as snooping on other sites.

Like someone put in another thread, what we are all more interested in now is what I actually DO not what I SAY. But, that doesn't remove the value in discussing the implications of what happened with DayZ, just maybe some developers/publishers will start putting more modding in games - and look at WHY DayZ was successful. I think that is more important even than the DayZ project itself.

So stay tuned, when I have finished collating the suggestion details and we have the backlog listed, I'll post more information.

Regarding patch 1.7.3, I'm not going to make the mistake of releasing a patch before it is ready. 1.7.3 just isnt ready yet.
Posted 07:51pm 05/9/12
Is there an official site regarding this solo release as I am not to keen on buying ARMA to test a MOD
Posted 10:47pm 05/9/12
Is there an official site regarding this solo release as I am not to keen on buying ARMA to test a MOD

No one has asked you to test the mod. Also dayzgame.com
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