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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 10:42am 05/09/12 | 14 Comments
Unknown Worlds has announced that Natural Selection 2 is now available to pre-order on Steam, marking a massive point in their long development cycle after months of beta-testing, asset-teasing and what we can only assume would be copious amounts of blood, sweat and tears.

"This day is one we have looked forward to for many years, and marks a major milestone in the development of this game," the team wrote on their official site. "We are also happy to announce a release month: October. As we clear some final hurdles over the next few weeks, we will nail that down to a specific day."

The team are offering both a Standard and Deluxe version of the game for pre-order, with the Standard edition coming in at only USD$24.99 which will give you the game, while the Deluxe edition will set you back USD$39.99 and features:
  • NS2 Official Soundtrack (almost 1 hour of music)
  • Digital Art Book (40 pages)
  • Exclusive wallpapers and avatars
  • Exclusive new in-game marine armor
But that's not all, the team also have more love for their fans, pledging that anyone who pre-ordered the game before today's Steam sale or anyone who played in the Beta will get the following:
  • A free upgrade to the Deluxe Edition detailed above
  • A free copy of NS2 Standard Edition to give to a friend or stroke lovingly
  • Continued private beta access right up to launch day in October
They've also said that from today until the actual release day of the game, the Deluxe edition will be discounted to USD$24.99. Not bad for an indie team.

Click here to get your Steam pre-ordering on.

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:34am 05/9/12
sweet! can't wait ... i've been pre-ordered for over 3 years now haha.
Posted 11:45am 05/9/12
Same preordered on the 28th May 2009.

A free second copy is win as well.
Posted 11:59am 05/9/12
I hope this game sells well, dedicated bunch of people.
Posted 07:28pm 05/9/12
think I might have already got the deluxe edition, a bonus copy is a pretty sweet deal though.
Posted 08:02pm 05/9/12
I hope this game sells well because it is actually fun and different from most s***e that gets played.
Posted 01:40am 06/9/12
hmm it doesn't mention an extra copy here? http://store.steampowered.com/app/4920/

only a free upgrade to the deluxe version
Posted 01:48am 06/9/12
nevermind i get it
Posted 07:50am 06/9/12
I thought I would be more excited. F*****g thing has taken so long to come out that I don't think I care any more :| When's it actually due for release?
Posted 08:01am 06/9/12
Posted 09:00am 06/9/12
Anyone want to sell/gift me their 2nd copy?
Posted 09:09am 06/9/12
Thats a super deal for an awesome game.
Posted 08:15pm 06/9/12
I might have a spare copy. See if my mates want to play first. Would swap for sc2 beta or just give away as I don't want any other games atm cause they are all s***e.
Posted 08:48pm 06/9/12
October, that sounds alright then.
Posted 11:06pm 06/9/12
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