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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 01:45pm 04/09/12 | 8 Comments
In an interview with AusGamers, Visceral's Yara Khoury, who serves as Associate Producer on Dead Space 3, has revealed that players can spend "literally 100 hours" in the weapon crafting component of the game alone, while adding replayability via co-op and beta-missions creates a "deeper game" than any of the previous iterations in the series.

"So this totally ties back into the weapon-crafting feature, and the resource management, where you have to explore the world to find the best resources that get you the best parts, and the most badass weapons that you can make," Yara told us. "So this all ties in together, into that focus in our investment into making more options for our players to explore.

"If you are into weapon crafting, you can spend literally one hundred hours in this thing. If you want to explore all the beta-paths; if you want to replay with the co-op; it’s way more about choice in Dead Space 3: you can really spend a lot of time doing that."

The rest of the interview talks about how the UI changes depending on which environment you're in, resource-management, HALO jumps (and my dislike for its return here), creating tension, Peng and much, much more.

Click here for the full video interview feature.

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Latest Comments
Posted 02:14pm 04/9/12
Awesome, weapon crafting, just what dead space was missing....

no doubt there will be some sort of horde mode and other awesomely original features
Posted 02:17pm 04/9/12
Dead space 2 is the only game ive actually replayed once i finished the SP campaign. I enjoyed the game enough, and the variety of weapons intrigued me, to actually have another crack. Im part way thru my 2nd time with the intention of doing a third run using the final weapons i havent used. Thinking about it, AFAIK ive only ever also replayed is doom 3 because i enjoyed it so much. Also Mount & Blade. Every other singleplayer game ive finished ive never gone back to.
Posted 04:20pm 04/9/12
Doom 3 ugghh

But I have Dead Space, it's sequel and all the Mount and Blade's ready to be played after purchasing them in Steam sales. You ever played Deus Ex DD?
Posted 05:19pm 04/9/12
I'll just spend 5 minutes on google on how to craft the best weapon.
Posted 06:26pm 04/9/12
You ever played Deus Ex DD?

Deus Ex 1 was before my gaming time. Didnt get that invisible war one. Got a torrent of the latest and not a big fan - it hasnt convinced me to buy it yet. Too much creeping around waiting for the slow ass melee attack meter to recharge. I like the upgrades and different ways to approach missions (stealth/shoot/hack etc) but dunno, its not my thing. Got all the mount and blade, flawed but unique and really enjoy them.

I'll just spend 5 minutes on google on how to craft the best weapon.

Lame. Half the fun is testing a new weapon, checking out the upgrades and deciding whether to keep it or continue with your old weapon. I always saved up my upgrade token things so that when i used em, i was using like 5-10 @ a time for a massive difference to the guns performance.
Posted 12:37pm 05/9/12
So in other-words, you pirated D Ex:HR and played it, and since that works you don't want to buy it cause you're cheap.
Posted 01:06pm 05/9/12
Every time I see a Dead Space 3 thread, it just reminds me that I REALLY need to finish Dead Space 2. I've been avoiding reading anything about Dead Space 3 in case it inadvertently spoils the second one for me.
Posted 01:19pm 05/9/12
Khel, If you didn't get to *that* scene in DS2 you should totally go back and play it!
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