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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:16pm 03/09/12 | 5 Comments
We've been playing through each episode of The Walking Dead from Telltale games ahead of the obvious packaging of them all together once the fifth episode is wrapped and unleashed upon the zombie-loving public, thanks to James "Jickle" O'Connor, whose reviews of each entry are keeping us as glued to the series as each episode itself.

This week he looks at Episide Three: Long Road Ahead and once again finds some serious value in the product, especially in the decision-making areas, but also came across a few unfortunate pitfalls.

Click here to read his full review.

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Posted 12:20pm 03/9/12
this game continues its run of f*****g awesomeness. The worst part - the wait between episodes :(

edit - actually no, the worst part was trying to get my savegames back when the game decided not to recognise them anymore.
Posted 12:34pm 03/9/12
Finished this the day it came out and it's awesome as usual, i dont really want to start another play through until i've finished all the episodes but the wait time is killing me.
Posted 12:46pm 03/9/12
played in on saturday. i felt kind of depressed at the end when i realised there were only 3 people left from the original group. i was pissed when Spoiler:
lily killed carly
. i actually retried that part a couple of times to stop it from happening but you cant :(
Posted 12:06am 04/9/12
Only halfway through this episode, but god damn man. This is a really gut wrenching episode, my girlfriend watches me play (she says it is basically watching a really good interactive movie) and some bits really got to her.

Telltale just really know their stuff.
Posted 01:20am 04/9/12
Best one yet
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