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Post by Eorl @ 09:28am 01/09/12 | 8 Comments
Runic Games has today finally announced the release date for the hotly anticipated hack and slash title, Torchlight 2, with the game being announced for release this September. The game will be expanding on the previous title, adding in LAN co-op, singleplayer and online multiplayer plus a range of new content including new classes.
Runic Games' CEO, Max Schaefer comments, "We worked incredibly hard to make sure we could release Torchlight II before Summer's official end. Development will continue right up until we ship, and we couldn't be happier to be putting the finishing touches on a great game. We want to get it to the fans as quickly as possible. Honestly, we can't wait."
As with the announcement of the date comes a new launch trailer which you can watch below (HD here).

Torchlight 2 will be available on the 20th of September on Steam, Perfect World, GamersGate, GameFly.

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Latest Comments
The GuVna
Posted 09:47am 01/9/12
Apparently it's going to have up to 8 player co-op according to Co-Optimus

So how many players will be supported in co-op? Baldree told me right now it's eight and "we probably won't decide until last minute, and we'll probably let people change it." Torchlight 2 will scale the enemies dynamically to the number of players in a game and players can drop in and out at any time. Epic co-op!


Looking forward to checking this out because I didn't get Torchlight since it wasn't multiplayer.
Posted 11:25am 01/9/12
Incoming knee-jerk reaction at Blizzard. Magically in the next patch D3 will have 8 player co-op. Won't change s***. That game is dead in the water.
Reverend Evil
Posted 11:35am 01/9/12
Damn it. That's just before the MoP release. Twas hoping it was coming out August but what can you do.
Posted 12:28pm 01/9/12
Borderlands 2 is out as that time so I will be busy with that. I probably won't pick up Torchlight 2 until sometime down the track.
Posted 09:34pm 01/9/12
Looking forward to this! Hoping it can scratch that itch that D3 couldn't.
Posted 10:14pm 01/9/12
Jayman, I can actually play it on my laptop at uni, so it'll scratch far more itches than D3 will...
Posted 10:40pm 01/9/12
Forgot to say Guv. If you pre-order TL2 through steam you get the first for nix. You may already know that and given you don't sound like the SP kinda guy you might not even play it. Still it's some good fun if you've got time to burn until release.
Posted 01:14am 03/9/12
The first torchlight was fun for about 10 minutes before it got boring. i played the beta from TL2 and it seemed just as dull. On top of that it made me uncomfortable; motion sick or something- first time it ever happened to me.
still i might pick it up, after I'm done with Borderlands 2.
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