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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 09:20am 29/08/12 | 11 Comments
Adding a layer of deeper OCD-fused gameplay, Bethesda Game Studios has revealed the next DLC for The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, Hearthfire, which allows players to purchase a lot of land and then build a house.

It gets much deeper though, as you can construct major components of your new crib from raw materials yourself and add as much or as little as you want. A fish hatchery, a garden, a trophy room - you name it, you can build it. You can also hire a steward and even adopt a child for you and your in-game partner. You'll need to keep your house and family safe from attacks though, especially where pesky skeevers are concerned.

The new content will be landing on Xbox Live from September 4 for 400 MS Points (around AU$6), with no word yet on PC or PS3 release dates (think about the timing between releases for Dawnguard though, and you're likely in the right ballpark).

Watch the debut trailer for Hearthfire embedded below, or click here for a direct link.

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Latest Comments
Posted 10:13am 29/8/12
Interesting, I think that Bethesda are gaining a lot of ideas from DLC and building on it. I'm pretty sure there's a mod or two which offer house building.
Posted 10:20am 29/8/12
Let's hope land prices are better than in, say, Melbourne.

Also, yay - gonna build me a sweatshop.
Posted 10:53am 29/8/12
Let's hope the pricing is better than the Dawnguard DLC. $25? You gotta be dreaming. I'd pay like $5-10 max for this.
Posted 11:42am 29/8/12
Let's hope the pricing is better than the Dawnguard DLC. $25? You gotta be dreaming. I'd pay like $5-10 max for this.

well it does say 400 Microsoft points which equals about $5 USD
Posted 11:48am 29/8/12
Skyrim: The Sims DLC
Posted 11:53am 29/8/12
This is exactly what I said that I wanted, and now that it's here, I don't want it. :P
Posted 10:30pm 29/8/12
So you can adopt kids but you can't make em lol ?
Posted 11:35pm 29/8/12
Better than horse armour... But not by much
Posted 12:53pm 30/8/12
I want House Armour DLC, Those giants could do some damage.
Posted 03:13pm 30/8/12
It's a good price. I am yet to find out if Dawnguard is worth $25. I have downloaded it but haven't played it yet.

Absolute Skyrim fanboy here though. I have bought Horse Armour twice.
Posted 09:32pm 31/8/12
Nice. A Worthy addition to Skyrim and something different.
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