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Post by Dan @ 11:33am 27/08/12 | 11 Comments
Rockstar really know how to get their mileage out of releasing game assets, continue the screenshot trickle of the hugely anticipated Grand Theft Auto V with another four images.

Bringing the number of screenshots released now to a total of ten, the latest four stills are titled "business" and complement the previous "pleasure" and "transport" sets with some scenes of what appear to be a taste of the many less-than-legal activities that will be on offer in the game.

A release date or target platforms for Grand Theft Auto V have still yet to be announced.

grand theft auto 5rockstartake 2screenshots
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Latest Comments
Posted 01:15pm 27/8/12
The lack of release date is really weird, they must be struggling to finish it or something, because they're marketing it like its due for release before Christmas....
Steve Farrelly
Posted 01:27pm 27/8/12
It'll be November. I pretty much guarantee it.
Posted 01:30pm 27/8/12
November next year?
Posted 01:52pm 27/8/12
Yeah I'm with you on that Steve.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 01:57pm 27/8/12
Nope, this year
Posted 01:59pm 27/8/12
It'll be November. I pretty much guarantee it.

just in time for GOTY
Posted 02:06pm 27/8/12
Yeah im guessing November/December.
Posted 04:13pm 27/8/12
Show me gameplay not glorified cut scene stills dammit
Posted 05:09pm 27/8/12
I'm hoping the capture the feel and scope of the GTA:SA, that was my favorite.
Posted 07:45pm 27/8/12
How about guaranteeing a PC release date for us Steve? :D

I have a bad feeling this is going to be yet another GTA that I cave and buy for console and then again for PC.
Posted 09:54pm 31/8/12
Awesome, can't bloody wait for this one!
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