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ArenaNet has today showcased a new infographic for Guild Wars 2 that sheds some in-depth light on just what kind of information was gathered in the beta weekend events, giving intricate details on the upcoming MMO's virtual economy.
Hello, all! I’m John Smith, and I’ve recently had the unbelievable opportunity to join the ArenaNet team and work on Guild Wars 2 as the resident economist. Guild Wars 2 has an incredible virtual economy—one of the largest ever created. I’m excited about the opportunity to study and help mold the economy for Guild Wars 2. As Guild Wars 2 goes live and becomes a living world, I will be continually learning about its evolving economy, and as I learn I’d like to share my most interesting findings with you.
The infograph details a lot about the ways players have so far gathered gold in the beta weekend event, including the very skewed professions which show Jeweller as a very profitable source. What is really interesting is the comparison between the 2007 US Wealth Distribution and Guild Wars 2 wealth, showcasing a quite large equality of wealth spread among the users compared to the US wealth which had 20% of the population controlling 85% of the wealth.

You can check out the full graph over here.

Guild Wars 2 will be available on 28th of August. For those that have pre-ordered, a three day head start will begin Saturday at 5pm AEST.

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