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Post by Dan @ 12:27pm 23/08/12 | 11 Comments
As the first project at new independent studio 22 Cans, since his recent departure from Lionhead, famed developer (Fable, Populous) Peter Molyneux's Curiosity is being pitched as the first of 22 experiments.

All we know so far is that the game will feature a giant cube made up of an unspecified number of small cubes that players are tasked with chipping away at to reach a single core treasure, and that eager fortune seekers will be able to purchase tools to mine more efficiently, including a ludicrous one-of-a-kind diamond chisel priced at GBP£50,000 .

It sounds like all the worst bits of a freemium title and very little of the good so far, but it is an "experiment after all", so watch the debut trailer below if you want to remain completely mystified. Personally though, we much prefer this parody trailer released by the Internet's greatest Twitter doppelgänger Peter Molydeux.

Curiosity is now due to launch on iOS in September 2012.

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:41pm 23/8/12
someone will buy the chisel.
Posted 12:43pm 23/8/12
What has Peter Molyneux ever done that is profound? Why does he feel like he deserves this special spot as gaming's greatest visionary? I always feel like I'm missing something when it comes to the ludicrous way in which he presents himself. People like Jason Rohrer and Jenova Chen have created far more insightful games than Molyneux every made.
Posted 12:48pm 23/8/12
He's a walking hype machine, but I loved the s*** out of the black & white games (due to not having been exposed to the hype which left other people disappointed, most likely).
Posted 12:52pm 23/8/12
Oh s***, I totally forgot about black and white, those games were actually pretty creative. And Bullfrog.... damn my memory is short.
Posted 12:56pm 23/8/12
Fable 3 sucked, anyone who says different is lying or hasn't played a good game. Leave it out of your resume Peter!
Posted 01:21pm 23/8/12
I continue to be confused and enraged.
Posted 01:22pm 23/8/12
What has Peter Molyneux ever done that is profound?
Populous. One of the best games I've ever played, ever. I still bust it out on occasion. They have it at the ACMI exhibit in Melbourne; I got sucked into playing and could barely drag myself away.
Posted 01:32pm 23/8/12
Yeah true....... bah, you guys with your facts getting in the way of a good screed.
Posted 01:50pm 23/8/12
don't forget Dungeon Keeper and Theme Park ... don't worry, I did the same thing not so long ago haha. "Why is he so important? Oh ... that's why"
Posted 03:44pm 24/8/12
Chipping away all day at a black cube, yes sure that sounds like a exciting roller coaster ride. Count me in!!!

/ sarcasm
Posted 04:20pm 24/8/12
So chipping at a black cube doesn't sound like a roller coaster? Dang.
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